The 2012 countdown
by Will Hart


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After 25 years of research and at several key breakthroughs I decided to publish my findings regarding the Maya (2012) Long Count calendar. I wrote two articles that were published in Atlantis Rising, in which, I predicted an upsurge of natural disasters.

There are several aspects of the Maya cosmology and calendar system that one needs to know to make any sense out my work.

1) They had a cyclical view of time and of solar output. In other words they saw history moving through a circle of ages that they called Suns. In their system we are in the 5th Sun. The 4th Sun was said to have ended in a deluge, the 5th would end with mounting earthquakes, that is why they called it the Sun-of-Motion or Wind.

2.) Venus also plays a key role in the Maya cosmology. This fact long puzzled researchers, including this author, until I made the right scientific connections.

Several yeas ago I was examining the sunspot cycle and realized that the next solar maximum will come in 2012. That seemed a pretty striking coincidence. I had done research into the sunspot cycle and its relation to many different types of cycles on Earth including human behavior.

Cycle researchers have established an exact correlation between the solar maximum and what has come to be called the “War Cycle”.

It seemed to me that the Maya solar-priests were on to something. One could wonder how they could so well calculate their complex calendar systems to synchronize the sunspot cycle with their 2012 end date? As far as science sunspots were only discovered in the 17th century.

My research took a new course.

My gut had long told me that sunspots and natural disasters were linked. It stands to reason. Solar Physicists track solar activity on a daily basis because X-flares, sunspots, et. al., can increase the solar wind, which can disrupt the earth’s magnetic field and cause radio and telecommunications storms.

Is it such a quantum leap to assume that these bursts of high particle energy also impact the earth and human beings in a variety of ways? Nonetheless, what I found still surprised me, a definite link between solar maximums and natural disasters.

I know that Gilbert and Cottrel discovered that the sunspot cycle was embedded in the Maya calendar. But they did not make the link between solar maximums and natural disasters and that is a big part of the 2012 forecast.

There is another key factor. The Maya model suggested that solar output swings, up and down in long-term activity/rest cycles. It was only within the last 3 months that a scientific study confirming this was released. The findings have stunning implications.

The researchers found that our sun has been more active over the past 70 years than at any time in the last 8,000 years. The puzzle pieces started to fit together.

I went back through the studies of the 11-year sunspot cycle and found a rather startling fact staring back at me in the data. In 1640, following the second leg of the (1631-’39) transit(s) of Venus, the sunspot cycle dropped to zero and stayed there for 70 years.

That period is known as “the little ice age”. Then in about 1710 sunspots appeared again and the solar activity level climbed to peak in 1960 when about 190 sunspots were counted. Now, is a coincidence that this increasing solar output has been accompanied by a warming trend?

That is not all that has accompanied the steep rise in solar activity that science has recently documented has been taking place since the 1930s. Natural disasters have been surging since 1960.

In fact, seven out of ten of the largest earthquakes that rattled the 20th century occurred after 1960. The next finding was really more of a shock to me since I have studied the Maya calendar since 1980. While looking through astronomical tables three years ago I stumbled upon the table showing the transits of Venus.

Sure enough, the next pair of transits came in June 2004 and December 21, 2012. The latter date is the precise end of the 5th Sun according the Maya.

I cannot go into all the details and volumes of data that I’ve been pouring through these past few years. The upshot is that I concluded to write the aforementioned articles predicting a steep rise in natural disasters partially due to the June transit. The recent wave began in July.

This is not Y2K smoke and mirrors garbage. I have never written an article before predicting anything. I also made similar predictions based upon the models derived from the Maya calendar, on Whitley Strieber’s radio show the month before the earthquake and tsunami. These assertions can be documented.

There is far more to this than a simple cosmic alignment and a global transformation into a new age of spiritual enlightenment. The sun and the earth are going through massive shifts right now and these birth pangs are not going to be painless or stress free.

My interpretation of the Maya term “Passage of Venus” and the fact they embedded the transit of Venus into the calendar is that we are in the 2004-2012 window now. Venus is the key.

Will it trigger the solar off switch and shut down the sunspot cycle again?

For more information, you can download the articles by going to to back issues #49 and #44. Additionally, I am finishing a book titled Global Transformation: The 2004-2012 Portal, which I have decided to make available on the web in ebook format because the hard copy process takes so long and the material needs to get out there ASAP.


Will Hart

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