The Mayan prophecies and the year Zero


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In the year 1519, the infamous conquistador Hernando Cortés set sail with a Spanish expedition of 600 men and 20 horses to Mexico. He landed in Yucatan, the territory of the Maya Indians.

The Mayas welcomed Cortés in the year of the Venus transit as the Quetzalcoatl, the white bearded and white skinned serpent God of the Aztecs. Quetzalcoatl had left the Aztecs the prophecy of ‘13 Heavens and 9 Hells’. After 13 Heavens he would return and a period of 9 Hells would start. Heaven and Hell cycles last exactly 52 years. (52 * 365 days of the Mayan Haab calendar).

The Maya’s kindness was brutally answered with gunfire. The first Mayan prophecy had come to pass; Cortés’ arrival was the start of the genocide of the Maya, the start of the 9 Hells. The Aztec leader, Montezuma summoned not to resist the Quetzalcoatl and this is why Cortés could conquer the Aztec empire with only 600 men and 20 horses!

Like most of the indigenous American Indians, the Maya were brutally murdered for the sake of advancement of the Western world and the spreading of the enlightening Christian ‘civilization’ to this savage continent.

Although the Maya as a people have survived the Spanish inquisition, the genocide continues even today. Many Maya were murdered during the civil war in Guatemala (1960-1996).

In the last decades scholars have discovered the treasures the Mayan culture has in store for the world. Their cultural heritage was almost lost during the Spanish inquisition when Spanish Bishop Diego De Landa burned all Mayan codices. Of all their sophisticated knowledge written down on animal hides, the so-called codices, only three were recovered. In addition a book that survived is the Popul Vuh, a book written in Spanish by a Mayan Indian shortly after the Spanish Conquest. The book contains the creation myth and legends of the Indian elders that had been transmitted orally from generation to generation.

It was only after WOII that the original Maya codices, the inscriptions on the Maya temple complexes and their calendar systems were deciphered. What impressed Western scholars like Jose Arguelles and Maurice Cotterell, was the precision of the Mayan Calendar systems based on the orbital cycles of the moon, Venus and solar cycles. According to Arguelles, the Mayan calendars follow a natural cosmological rhythm of radiant cosmic energies that influence live on Earth and since we adopted, the Gregorian calendar, our cosmological clock is out of sync. As a result we’ve ended up with a society that has lost contact with Mother Nature.

The most important of the Mayan calendars is the Long Count Calendar encoding the Great Year (One fifth of the precession cycle of 25920 years). The Mayan Long Count Calendar started in the year 3114 BC and will end on the 21st of December 2012. According to the Mayan prophet Lord Pacal (603-683 AD) this will mark the end of time. It will not be the end of the world but the time of a tremendous change in human consciousness. The dominating masculine energies (left brain logic) will merge with the feminine energies (right brain intuition) ending confrontations in polarity and give birth to a Oneness consciousness.

But before this change will take place, humanity will be subjected to serious trails and tribulations that will have a positive impact on human consciousness and herald a time of peace and harmony after the turmoil is over.

The Mayan people that have been victimized for so long by our dominating Western civilisation, gathered in 1997 in Guatemala together with hundreds of other native American Indians to heal the Earth and prepare for the prophetic changes that lie ahead.

Dutch documentary filmmaker Wiek Lenssen was present at this gathering to shoot a documentary motion picture portraying these Mayan ceremonies. After a four-year personal struggle to produce his film, the ‘Year Zero’ finally made it to the International Documentary Festival in 2001 in Amsterdam.

In the film, Mayan shaman Don Cirilo (Wandering Wolf) explains how the world has been destroyed and re-created four times. The Mayans call each re-created world a new world or Sun. Wandering Wolf continues to explain how their ancestors once lived in the land of Tulan (Atlantis) that was destroyed during the Great Deluge at the end of the 2nd Sun. The floods were caused by a pole shift. After the Great Deluge their ancestors fled to Yukatan Peninsula, Mexico. Don Cirilo claims that the pyramids, part of their ancestral heritage are still buried in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle. Archaeologists have recently confirmed these claims; they have found remains of what could be an antediluvian civilisation (Atlantis?) in the waters of the Bermudas and the Bimini islands.

Shaman Don Cirilo predicts changing weather patterns, an upsurge in major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and an economic collapse. Eventually in the year Zero (2012), the Earth will be aligned to the central magnetic axis of the Milky Way that will cause the magnetic poles to flip again. The Sun will not be visible for 72 hours. This will mark the start of a new Great cycle of 5200 years, the birth of a new Age or what the Egyptians called the Zep Tepi, a first time.

What the film ‘The Year Zero’ clearly proves is that the Maya prophecies are not some old forgotten prophecies from the past, but are confirmed by Maya and native America Indians today, who after recognising the signs, have decided it is the time to bring them to the West.


Book: ‘De Maya-profetien, het verhaal achter de film ‘The Year Zero’’,
2003 Wiek Lenssen, ISBN 90-75636-45-8 (Dutch language only)

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