Auric Time Scale

The Comet Hale Bopp Foci as the Resonance points
of the chronicle of world disasters

Bifurcation point 15, March 20 2009


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Sergey Smelyakov

january 27 2009



1. Preface

The world evolves in cycles of different length which develop in parallel, and if there is a cycle, there exists a critical point, and if two or more critical points fit the same epoch the respective cycles come to resonance thus causing an intensification of their manifestations.

Therefore, if we know some of these cycles, that is their factors of influence and critical points, we may expect that at the epoch of resonance they will manifest themselves to a greater scale. Imagine a “monitor” of world cycles which is provided with the dial plates with critical points and a hand for each cycle. Among them, three are important for the current age:

1. The dial plate of the Great Celestial Conjunctions (GCC) has four marks for the epochs of GCC [1].  Now, its hand points to a duo-decade 1998 – 2017 of great transformations.

2. The dial plate of the Mayan Calendar is provided with both the critical years of the conventional (or harmonic) cycles (Baktuns, etc.), and the critical time points of the Infinite Golden Section Spiral of Time [2]. Now, its hand approaches a critical point of this Spiral:  MT = March 20, 2009.

Besides, from a protracted perspective, among the predicted key points of the current period of  bifurcation associated with the Mayan Calendar the bifurcation interval T4 =2008± 2 was specified [3]; although it includes the point MT, this interval being centred on the year of 2008 is important for understanding of the prolonged world trends.

3. The dial plate of the comet Hale-Bopp’s (HB) displays the annual dates of HB’s Time Foci (See Appendix 1).
For the moment of hosting of this article the last passed one is T2 (viz. January 3); the forthcoming ones are T3 (March 3), T8 (March 13), and T4 (March 20).

These Foci – are not the only points where the events take place, but rather the calendar dates around which the extremal events concentrate, and the orb of this concentration makes about 5 days. This is a theory, but what the facts tell us?

2. Three Basic events

Since the Spring of 2008 the HB’s Foci had started to manifest themselves more intensely once again. It turned out that the Time and Geographical Foci of the comet Hale-Bopp (HB) not only remain effectual, but continue to mark the most significant world-wide events and concentration of events relative to the specified nature (See Appendix 1) and, basically, around the same geographical Foci of influence (See the Summary, Appendix 2). By tracing the previous chronicles [9.1 – 9.7] one can easily see that the extremal events in 2008 and 2009 do actually follow the previous trends pertaining to all factors of influence – natural calamities, wars and acts of terrorism, social accidents. In particular, these events include financial scandals and shocks, bloody shooting of maniacs, cloning, poisoning and epidemics, mistaking of whales and seals for submarines, Pope declarations, etc.

Although the trends of these concentrations are interesting by themselves, there are three world-disturbing events among them which inspired me, due to their scale, to prepare this report. Namely, these are:

1. The starting of an avalanche of the world-wide financial and industrial crisis around T7, September16, 2008.
(The first ring in 2008 was the hypothec crisis in the USA that began to develop around the Spring Foci)
2. The invasion of Israeli troops in Gaza around T2, January 3, 2009.
3. The starting of the Gas-transiting crisis around T2, January 3, 2009.

T7 (September 16, 2008)

The starting point of the world-wide financial and industrial crisis

Sep.15: the avalanche of the world financial and industrial crisis has darted off: unprecedented, since 1929, bankruptcy of several of the largest banks in the USA  had caused  an explosive development of the world-wide financial and industrial crisis. After the Spring hypothec crisis in the USA  “the motion of the tectonic plates of the world financial system has started”.

The world is agitated by the Shocking news:

  • bankruptcy  of one of the largest investment banks – 158 years old Lehman Brothers: ‘the largest shock for the US since the Great Depression’,
  • absorption of Merrill Lynch by the Bank of America “as an avalanche has befallen on the world financial markets”
  • crash of the world largest insurance company AIG;
  • large-scale financial problems in Morgan Stanley and Sitigroup;
  • Dow Jones has fallen by 4.4% – the largest daily fall since the Sept. 11, 2001;
  • a 10-year record of dollar to yen rate of exchange. After the USA, the financial markets in Europe, Asia, Australia and S. America start to drop. Collapsing of quotation of rates at all markets.

Note. The events at T7, as on September 11, 2001 originated at the same meridian belt WB5 (See Appendix 1) and quickly propagated throughout the world.

T2 (January 3, 2009)

European Gas Crisis

Jan. 1  Due to the absence of contract regulating gas supply for Ukrainian needs in 2009, Russia stops gas supply to Ukraine, but continues to pump gas to the  EU with respect to the contract on gas transit being in force for 2009. In the subsequent days Russia accuses Ukraine in illegal gas extraction from the transit pipeline and decreases the supply to EU by the extracted volumes.
Jan. 5  Ukraine: Economic court of Kiev has prohibited transit of Russian gas to EU
Jan. 6  Ukraine undertakes an “unprecedented in gas industry decision”: closes the gas transit to EU. In the subsequent days the deficit of gas forces several EU countries to hold gas consumption to a minimum – both for heating and for plants, at an extremely cold weather (See Appendix 2) – up to introducing a state of emergency. The negotiations, with the representatives of the EU, continue until January 19, when Ukraine signs the contract and recommences gas transit.

Israeli Invasion in Gaza

Dec.27 In response to Hamas missile shelling, Israel starts air attacks against Hamas emplacements in Gaza. In 7 days about 400 victims and 2000 wounded, many of them are children and women. The Palestinian resistance during this invasion is considered as the third Intifada.

Jan. 3  Israel starts ground invasion in Gaza (about 12 000 soldiers, tanks and artillery). In two weeks the ground phase is terminated with the death toll of 1100 victims and 5000 wounded Palestinians and 13 Israeli soldiers. The situation in Gaza is estimated as a humanitarian crisis.

This invasion is considered as  the widest incursion the Gaza Strip has been subjected to since the outbreak of the first Intifada (1987). Meetings and demonstrations of protest against the invasion take pace around the world. Meanwhile, the military actions were stopped abruptly; as a result, both sides declared their victory.

Note. The meridianal belt EB2 (See Appendix 1) that goes through Moscow, Ukraine and Israel was always rich in events at the comet HB’s Time Foci (See [9.1 – 9.7])

And these three force-major processes had originated at these Foci, but evidently not at random, since for twelve years the respective events took place at the comet HB’s  Foci regularly, along the same  HB’s meridian belts and with respect to the specified factors of influence. Indeed:

Israel started wars and suffered from acts of terrorism mainly at the Foci of the comet HB:
The majority of Israeli military operations start at the Foci of the comet HB, as well as the large-scale acts of terrorism [9.2 – 9.7]. For example: “On July 12-13, 2006 Israel starts the full-scale military operation against Hezbollah in Lebanon at Focus T6' (viz. July 14), after it started the military operation in Gaza stripe at T6 (viz. July, 4). This is its first war in two fronts and, once again, use of force in this country starts at the Focus of the comet HB” [p. 27 of 9.7].

The USA also started its wars and suffered from acts of terrorism at the Foci of the comet HB:
Yugoslavia: first bombardment of Yugoslavia took place on March 24, 1999 (viz. exactly at Focus T5), while the disarmament of the Kosovo Army and signing of the Agreement took place at Focus T7!

On March 1, 2002, the USA has started the offensive in Afghanistan, the full swing of which comes to March 2-6 (viz. at HB's Focus of T3, March 3). It was estimated as the largest and most severe military operation the USA held since the Korean war.
Once again, since the coming of the comet HB, the USA starts a war at the Foci of this comet: on March 20, 2003 (viz. exactly at HB's Focus T4, March 20), the USA has started the war against Iraq.

As well, the 911 catastrophe was generally forecasted [9.4, p.8, 9 of 9.7]  and took place in a close vicinity of the Focus T7 (September 16). The financial scandals also follow the Foci of the comet HB [Part 9], and from the very beginning.

For example [p.1 of 9.7], in 1999 we see: “after the powerful manifestations in April (TB) and July (T6) Focuses, the current Focus (T7) of September 16 astonished us with this miraculous (within several days, one day corresponds to an orb of one degree) synchronism once again, which is seen at all geographical Foci ...

What is important, an unrecorded financial scandal and political crisis have taken place around this Time Focus (like the crisis in 1997) that bond the actual Geographical Focuses - Russia (President and his close environment), USA (Bank of N.Y., FBI commission, Congress of the USA, IMF, etc), Switzerland (State Prosecutor and a construction firm), the U.K. (Barclay Bank), apart from falling of the Dow Jones average by 120 points, record (over two years) increase in oil prices, etc.”
The Ukraine/Russia and Georgia/Russia tensions also follow the Foci of the comet HB [Part 9].

3. Forecast

So, since a potentially effectual comet HB’s yearly resonant point T4 (March, 20) even coincides with the resonant Mayan Calendar Auric Spiral critical epoch MT (March, 20, 2009), and both of them fit a transformation period of the GCC, we may presume that relative to the specified factors of influence the March Foci of the comet HB may manifest themselves to a full scope. Namely, that a series of very important force-major events pertaining to the comet HB factors of influence can take place in the vicinity of March, 20, 2009, but this time – with a greater orb.

Meanwhile, as far as the T3 (March 3), T5 (March 24), and TB (April 7 – 11) are also the resonant points being close to T4, they are also dangerous. At this, the preceding one may be considered as such that “heats” the situation for T4, whereas the posterior ones – as the points where after-effects can take place which discharge the situation.

Moreover, the climatic effects, most probably, would continue to surprise us with new records, especially when Solar activity will start to grow in this cycle, since the situation in this sphere may still be worsening due to the increasing income of the Space dust [4, 5] which even esoterically [6, 7] intensifies electromagnetic interactions in Earth’s atmosphere thus stimulating natural calamities.

Last, but not least, is the fact that this year the Sun enters Aries on March 20 as well! The coincidence of this critical date with the above resonance points allows us to make use of astrological approach for clarifying what countries and in what way can be touched by the resonance at this bifurcation point.



Whether Comet Lulin would Energize the Foci of Comet Hale-Bopp?

Sergey Smelyakov
© February 14, 2009

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1.   Crucifying the Earth on the Galactic Cross
S. Smelyakov, Wicherink

2.    The Last Multi-Turns of the Spiral of Time before it Rolls Up to Appear in New Reality
G. Stray, S. Smelyakov, Wicherink            

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4.  The Celestial Crosses and Paramount Earth’s Cycles in Astrophysics, Artefacts and Esoterical Concepts
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5. The Celestial Crosses in Earth’s Exposure to the Growing Solar Activity and Galactic Influence
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6. The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett. Letter No. 23a

7. The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett. Letter No. 23b

Part 9. The Comets:

9.1. Comet Page Guide

9.2. Whether the Comet Hale-Bopp is Opening the Gate to the Forthcoming Decade?

9.3. The Heavenly Colleagues and their Earthly Pursuits, or Whether this is Uranus for Whom the Battlefield is Prepared?

9.4. Non-Planetary Mundane Factors of Influence in 2001

9.5. The Focuses of the Comet Hale-Bopp – the Magic Spectacles for Seeing the Mosaic of the Mundane Trends?

9.6. An Astrological Background of the Acute World Trends

9.7. Summary: Tracing of the comet Hale-Bopp and its successors' effects over the period of 1999–2006

Appendix 1.

Comet  Hale-Boop’s  Foci  and  Factors  of  influence  [9.2, 9.3]

As far as the comet HB's Time Foci were defined in 1997 with respect to the Zodiacal position of the Sun, they were supposed to remain effectual on a calendar basis (viz. by date ). For example, T3 presents not only the Time Focus of March 3, 1997, but a resonant point of March 3 for 1998, 1999, etc. 

Besides, as long as these  Foci are defined with respect to the Sun’s position, we obtain that a conventional 5-degree  orb  for  a  Zodiacal  Sun’s  position  corresponds,  in  compliance with the average Sun's velocity, to a time orb of 5 days.
With the use of AstroCartoGraphy these Foci were projected on the Earth. This provides us with the Geographical Foci (resonant meridians) which, with a 5° orb of longitude, define the Meridianal Belts, or continuous meridian zones which are obtained by unification of 5° vicinities of focal meridians. These belts and respective clusters are given in the Diagram, below.
The verification of these concepts are presented in [9.1 – 9.7].

Comet Hale-Boop’s Time Foci

The time points listed below were detected as critical for the comet HB's transit. Conventional astrological correlations (including conjunctions with Fixed Stars) could be obtained by using the presented time data.


December 21, 1996

GMT 14:06

The Sun enters HB's origination area


January 3, 1997

GMT 07:51

The Sun passes HB at perihelion of Earth


March 3, 1997

GMT 21:38

HB passes Sun. Starting of HB's activity


March 20, 1997

GMT 13:55

HB is at perigee and culminates at the Sun's meridian while the Sun enters Aries


March 24, 1997

GMT 04:45

Moon eclipse. HB culminates at meridian of Saturn which is in parallel with the Sun


April 7-11, 1997


See [9.1 – 9.3]


July 4, 1997

GMT 18:40

On New Moon, while the earth is at aphelion, the Sun passes HB at Sirius and for the last time


July 14, 1997


See [9.1 – 9.3]


September 16, 1997

GMT 18:51

Lunar eclipse near the eclipse of point T5


March 13, 1998

GMT 04:34

Lunar eclipse near the eclipse of point T5

Comet Hale-Boop’s Geographical Foci

Diagram 1. A Scaled scheme of respective pairs of Eastern EBi and Western WBi Meridianal Belts


Notes. 5° vicinities of geographical longitudes for the points of Focal meridians which correspond to conventional 5° Zodiacal orb are shown by horizontal arcs. As well, those regions and countries covered by these belts are listed for which the significant events systematically take place at Time Foci (See the Summaries in [9.1 – 9.7]. W, C, E – denote Western, Central or Eastern part of a country.

comet  HB's  Factors  of  Influence

Astrological study of time moments T1-T8 allows us to attribute to the comet Hale-Bopp the following influences:

(1) Natural calamities
1a. Tsunamis, gales, hurricanes (including those spreading onto shores and continents)
1b. Earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes
1c. Deaths on a mass scale from destruction, drowning, fire. Loss of dwelling, immovable property. Epidemics.
(2) Engineering disasters
2a. Accidents at sea; train, airplane, car crashes
2b. Destruction and fires at engineering sites (mines, bridges, etc.)
2c. Damage to agriculture
(3) Social effects (Political and social disorders, mental and psychological collisions at all levels caused by vagueness of goals, arrogance, rash decision making)
3a. Instability, irritability, illusions
3b. Aggressiveness, cruelty, obstinacy, terror
3c. Loss of relations, disturbances, revolutions, violation of both physical frontiers and legislation.
Note: these events continue to develop, from year to year, along the same HB’s meridian belt after their original  manifestation in the respective countries.

Appendix 2


The Concentration of Events around the HB’s Foci T7 (Sept. 16), T1 (Dec. 21), T2 (Jan. 3)

The events corresponding to the Forecast are distributed by the specified factors of influence, where the events are ordered by Time Foci T7 (Sept. 16, for 2008),  T1 (Dec. 21, for 2008), and T2 (Jan. 3, for 2009).

Since this event-reference report is neither a novel, nor an official declaration, the author considers it pardonable to use, for short, the headline telegraph style both literally, when he quotes the newspapers, and when referencing the well-known names without titles, whereas most events are referred to in compliance with the following pattern:
Ti Date: country, event, (victims), (wounded)

where: Ti stands for T7, T1, or T2; "victims", if they are, denotes the number of human beings that died directly at the place of the event, without mortally wounded  and those who went away later.


A series of Earthquakes, volcano eruption
T1        Dec. 25: Philippines
T2        Dec. 29: Afghanistan: 5.9 on Richter scale (RS)
            Dec. 29: Bulgaria: 5.0 on RS
            Dec. 30: volcano “Koriaksky” (Kamchatka) that was considered extinct had awakened
            Jan. 3: Indonesia: 7.5 on RS; 4 victims, hundreds of wounded, large scale destructions
            Jan. 3: Pakistan: 6.0 on RS
            Jan. 3: Tajikistan: more than 6 on RS, victims, wounded, large scale destructions
            Jan. 4: Afghanistan: 6.2 on RS
            Jan. 7: Indonesia: 6.1 on RS
            Jan. 8: Costa Rica: 6.2 on RS, victims, dozens of missing; state of emergency is put in the country
            Jan. 11: Indonesia: two quakes, more than 5 on RS each.
Note:  the frequency of 6 and more on RS quakes during this period two times exceeds the mean frequency
Unrecorded frosts and snow storms in Balkans, Central and Southern Europe
T2        Europe
Jan. 4 - 10 unprecedented and/or intensely cold weather in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Romania,
Poland. The rails are cracking; more than 1000 flights are cancelled, snow  hampers the road traffic
State of emergency in Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania due to the shortage of gas supply
N. America
Dec. 25 – 30: snow storms (a monthly norm in two days) and avalanches: state of emergency in
State Washington, flights are cancelled in Middle West, 2 avalanches (8 victims) in Canada
Jan. 2: for the third day a snow storm at the Pacific coast; flights are cancelled, avalanches,
breaking of transmission lines
Jan. 7 – 9: “unprecedented natural disaster”: quick thaw had caused a “historical record” flood in
State Washington
Dec. 27: Kamchatka: heavy gale, snow storm; wind speed is up to 50 m/s (110 mile/h)
Jan. 3 – 7 : extreme snow storms and Avalanches in Caucasus; the main trans-Caucasian motor
road is blocked
Jan. 6: unprecedented snowfall and almost “Siberian” frost in Krasnodar region (Southern Russia)

Deaths on a mass scale. Loss of dwelling. Epidemics, poisoning and cloning
T7        middle of September – the peak of large-scale melamine-in-milk caused poisoning of children
in China: 10 victims, 100 – in reanimation, 53 thousands – are in hospitals.
T2        Jan. 4 – 8: Northern Caucasus, African hog cholera is detected, mass loss of cattle, 7000 pigs are
            crushed; vaccine is in short.
            Jan 10: firstly in the world a child was born with the changed genes

Factor 2:  Engineering Disasters

Air Crashes (A)
T7        Sept.14: Russia, Perm: Boeing 737, 88 victims
T2        Jan. 2: Great Britain, airplane, 2 victims
Jan. 2: USA (Illinois), airplane, 2 victims
Jan. 5: US, helicopter, 8 victims
Jan. 9: Russia, helicopter, 7victims, 4 wounded
Transport Catastrophes
T2        Dec. 30: Paris, nearly 100 cars had collided due to an icy conditions of roads
Dec. 30: Brasilia, a bus had fallen in a precipice, 13 victims, 15 wounded
Jan. 4: Nepal, ferry, 2 victims, several wounded
Jan. 11: Indonesia: 6 m surge has covered a ferry, 250 victims, 21 saved
Jan. 11: USA, 59 cars had collided due to a bad weather
Technogeneous (non-terrorist) Explosions
T7        Sept. 19-20: Ukraine, methane explosion in a mine, about 100 victims
            Sept. 20: China, fire in a night club, 43 victims and 88 wounded
T1        Dec. 25: Ukraine, Yevpatoria, dwelling house: 27 victims, 24 wounded
Dec. 27: Russia, Kazan, three-storey dwelling house collapsed
T2        Dec. 28: Iran, explosion at a military plant, 8 victims
            Dec. 30: Ukraine, gas explosion in a dwelling house, 8 badly wounded
Dec. 30: Japan, malfunction at an atomic power station causes manual stop
Jan. 3: Ukraine, Donetsk, gas explosion in a mine, 8 badly wounded
            Russia, explosion in a government-paper factory, wounded
Jan. 4: Ukraine, Donetsk, gas explosion in a new dwelling house, wounded
T1        Dec 20: break of Europe-Africa communication cable
T2        Jan. 1: Japan, water-supply breakdown leaves 240 000 people without water
Jan 1 – 6: cessation of gas transit to Europe – See below: Economical collisions
Jan. 9: Russia, Volgograd, heating plant breakdown leaves 40 000 people without heating
Jan. 9: Georgia, gas-supply breakdown leaves Armenia without gas for several days
Fires and conflagrations (C)
T7        Sept. 18: a conflagration in a Russian anti-submarine ship, 2 victims, $2 million damage
            Sept. 19: China atomic power plant: large transformer has burnt out
T2        Dec. 27: Moscow, conflagration in Agriculture Academy
Jan. 1: France, nearly 500 cars are burnt at night
Jan. 1: Bangkok, conflagration in night club, 60 victims, 100 wounded
Jan. 5: Bangkok, conflagration, victims, 40 wounded; people were rescued by helicopter
Jan. 7: Moscow, large fire, 4 victims, 24 wounded
Jan. 7: Russian aircraft-carrier, fire, 1 victim
Jan. 7: China, conflagration destructed 105 buildings

Factor 3:  Social Effects

1.3.1. Socio-Political and Mentally-Psychological Collisions (Overcoming of psychological bounds)
T7        Sept. 10: fears are intensified in mass media and web in relation with the trial starting of the most
expensive and contradictive international project – LHC Collider; some are afraid that it may cause
forming a “black hole” that would absorb the Earth
            Sept. 16-19: Japan, 4 battleships and airplane were chasing a whale being accepted for a submarine
T1        Dec 20: Ukraine, PM demands resignation of President
T2        Dec. 29: Somali, resignation of President
Jan. 2: Vatican, Pope declares that Vatican will no longer submit to Italian laws automatically
Jan. 5: Estonian court unexpectedly discharges the leaders of the “Bronze Soldier” supporters
Jan. 6: USA, FBI creates unprecedented number of vacancies (3000)
Jan. 9: USA, impeachment to governor of Illinois

Suicides and non-political murdering
T1        Dec.26: Los Angeles, “Santa” has killed 8 people and wounded 3, put the house to fire and
committed suicide in revenge on his wife
T2        Jan. 7: A. Merckle, a billionaire (one of 100 most rich people) commits suicide (jumped
under a train) after he has lost 1 billion Euro
Jan. 10: Chicago, shooting in a school during a basketball match, 5 wounded, 2 badly wounded
1.3.2 Terrorism and assassinations
T7        Sept. 19: Egypt, 15 tourists are kidnapped to ransom of 1 million Euro.
Comments: last time such an event took place in Luxor in 1997; on T7 (Sept. 18, 1997) a Shooting (with 10 victims) of a tourist bus, Cairo, Egypt
            Sept. 20: Islamabad, ‘the most impudent’ act of terrorism in Pakistan: a car with 600 kg of explosive
            has exploded the ‘super hotel’ Marriott with the Western diplomats, businessmen, and local residents.
            60 victims, 270 wounded; conflagration has destructed the hotel. British Airways cancels flights
to Pakistan, foreigners quickly leave Pakistan
T2        Dec. 30: Russia, Dagestan: assassination of Int. Affairs Dep. Minister
Dec. 30: Russia, the third (in a month) attack on cash collectors
Jan. 1: India, 3 explosions, 6 victims, 50 wounded
Jan. 3: Baghdad, 38 victims, 55 wounded (this is apart from almost daily explosions in Iraq)
Jan. 3: Pakistan, 7 victims, 88 wounded
Jan. 3: Kosovo, 7 wounded
Jan. 4: Colombo, 2 explosions, victims, wounded
Jan. 9: India, 3 victims, 7 wounded
Jan. 9: Lahore, a series of explosions, victims, wounded
Jan. 9: Spain: assassination of Columbian narco-baron L. Vargas

1.3.3. Discords, Loss of Relations, Disturbances (violation of both physical frontiers and legislation)
Unprecedented Legal Overcoming and Violation of Frontiers
T7        Sep.17: Afghanistan, US helicopter attacked the territory of Pakistan
T2        Dec.25: Ukraine, Foreign Minister declares that Ukraine would delimitate its boundary with
   Russia, but unilaterally
Dec. 27: Ukraine, President’s decree states that Russian fleet must be removed from Sevastopol in 2017
Dec.27: Pakistan moves it troops to Indian border (tens of thousand soldiers) for fear of revenge of
              Mumbai attack of November 26, 2008
Jan. 1:  due to the absence of contract, Russia stops gas supply to Ukraine
Jan. 4:  Afghanistan, US troops attacked the territory of Pakistan, 4 victims
Jan. 6:  Ukraine stops transit of Russian gas to Europe
Jan. 7:  Venezuela breaks off diplomatic relations with Israel
Israeli-Palestinian Relations
T2       Jan. 3: Israeli Invasion in Gaza (See Sec.2)
Demonstrations, Strikes, Crises, Revolutions
T7        Sept. 20: Hungary, Germany: large-scale anti-nazi demonstrations
T2        Jan. 3: Kosovo, disorders, up to 100 wounded
            Jan. 3: S. Korea, large scuffle in the Parliament: 20 wounded, police used even fire extinguishers
Economical collisions
T7        Sep.15: The starting point of the world-wide financial and industrial crisis (See Sec.2)
T1        Dec. 19: Moscow, cash collector car with about $ 400 000 is hijacked
Dec. 19: Resignation of Belgium PM caused by the scandal with the bank Fortis
Dec. 19: Ukraine, peak of falling of national currency ( by 20% a week)
Dec. 20: Federal Reserve abate rate almost to 0 (0 to 0.25%); “credit deadlock”
T2        Dec. 30: for the first time Euro is more expensive than Pound
Jan. 2: Byelorussia, National Bank declares exchange devaluation of the state currency
A world-wide wave of bankruptcies, dismissals, and declarations on shortage in employment
and production output

Jan. 1-6: The starting point of the European Gas Crisis (See Sec.2)


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