Auric Time Scale

Fractal time based on the Maya Long Count Calendar


The last multi-turns of the spiral of time before it rolls up to appear in new reality

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Smelyakov, Stray, Wicherink



What is the Auric Time Scale?


In the narrow sense, the Auric Time Scale (ATS) is the series G of the Golden section powers (infinite to both ends), which is accompanied by the series G* = 2G of its doubled values; for its unity, phi^0 = 1 the average Solar cycle length T0=11.07 year, or Tropical year is taken.

In the broad sense, the ATS is a theory suggesting that for both principal aspects of time (periods and chronology) these series, T and T* describe the length of the bulk of the basic periods in nature and society, and a major part of the most important historical and natural events in the evolutionary context, respectively.

This theory is supported by a consistent statistics and a series of Theosophical statements pertaining to time. In application to the Mayan calendar this scale describes the compressing of evolutional time. In proportions this scale is also reflected in the artefacts of Egypt.

Download full AURIC TIME SCALE paper here

Developments in our society seem to be accelerating with an ever increasing speed. If we look back and remember our childhood, we notice that our world has dramatically changed from the time we were crawling around in diapers. If we think about our grandparents they have gone through major changes and experienced the invention of radio, telephone, tv, airplane, nuclear energy, computers and space flight all in one lifetime.

During the Medieval Ages developments in society took place at a much slower rate and if we go back even further in time to prehistoric times we notice that it took millennia for such ‘simple’ discoveries as fire, implements and the wheel to materialise. It’s obvious that evolution is speeding up as mankind evolves.

In this article we will be referring to the Auric Time Scale in its evolutionary context applied to the Mayan Calendar as a theory that explains the speeding up of evolutionary time by these decreasing Golden Mean partitioned intervals.

These intervals represent periods of gradual progress, however all progress made during this period will eventually culminate into a moment in time where a quantum jump in evolution is made (either for good or for worse). In the Auric Time Scale these quantum jumps are called bifurcation points.

The Maya Long Count Calendar is an ancient calendar system that is believed by many to represent the natural cycles of nature. The enigmatic Maya calendar ends on the 21st of December 2012 supposedly at the culmination of human evolution. This culmination may represent a sudden quantum leap due to the tremendous and quick changes taking place around that time. Whatever this quantum leap may look like is open to speculation however taking current worldly events into account, the Maya calendar end time prediction becomes more and more likely as we’re approaching this magical date. The Mayas were the keepers of this ancient calendar and predicted a major change in human consciousness at the end of their calendar system. It’s for this reason that the Auric Time Scale has been synchronised with the Maya Long Count Calendar.

The concept of time compression (the compressing of the bifurcation points before 2012) may explain the Mayan concept of time acceleration before the End of the Long Count Calendar.

The importance of the forthcoming epoch of 2012 is emphasised by the actual current shifts in energy/weather patterns that are not only noticeable on Earth but throughout our entire solar system. These shifts may be related to the peculiarity of the current Earth/Solar-system/Galaxy orientation which is described in the resonant models of the Solar Zodiac (Dr. Smelyakov's equivalent of John Major Jenkins concept Galactic Alignment occurring around 2012). Dr. Smelyakov’s studies on the Auric Time Scale further reveal the influence that the comets (Hale Bopp) have started to exert on our planet since 1997. The influence of these comets resonates with the bifurcation points of the Auric Time Scale.

The Auric Time Scale may represent the main bifurcation points both in history and into the future, allowing it to be an instrument to anticipate major events in our word leading up to 2012. We think that such a tool will be very helpful in understanding the social, spiritual and material processes that are now unfolding on our planet. The Auric Time Scale may be likened to Terrence McKenna’s Time Wave Zero novelty wave.

The standard Auric Time Scale theory has been extended with new ideas and this new theory is also referred to as the Auric Spiral of Time.

A full detailed paper on the Auric Spiral of Time (AST) can be downloaded here

What exactly are bifurcation points?

The term bifurcation point is a mathematical term. It expresses the influence a short term small change can have in a dynamic system on the outcome of the long term dynamical behaviour of the system. You may have heard the expression that the flapping of the wings of a butterfly in America can cause a hurricane in Europe, that’s the effect a small change can have in a dynamic and chaotic system such as the weather.

In the context of the Auric Time Scale we’re looking for those events that have their impact on worldly events. Dr. Smelyakov’s in his ATS study, just  to elaborate to explain in full detail here, has especially been interested in those bifurcation points of extraterrestrial nature such as supernova’s, passing of comets, solar activity etc, that have had their effects on events on Earth. In supplement2 of article ‘The last multi-turns of the spiral of time before it rolls up to appear in new reality’, Smelyakov correlates the flashes of a supernova on February 23rd 1987 to a series of natural catastrophes that ensued from this event. It corresponds well with bifurcation point BP 11 of the IATS. The real bifurcation point here is the supernova that triggered these worldly catastrophes.

Another example is the correlation between the passing of comet Hale-Bopp and the start of the Bombardments on Yugoslavia (March 24 1999) and the start of the war on Iraq (March 19, 2003) the latter corresponding to bifurcation point BP 13 of the IATS.

History of the Auric Time Scale

The Auric Time Scale has been developed by Dr. Sergey V. Smelyakov, a professor at two universities in Kharkov, Ukraine and a member of several academic councils. Dr Smelyakov holds a M.A degree in Applied Mathematics, a Ph.D. in Cybernetics and a Doctor's degree in Numerical Methods and Mathematical Modelling. He recently launched a new website that represents his years of elaborate interdisciplinary research into the concept of time, especially the synchronisms between terrestrial events and their possible connection to extra terrestrial events, such as supernova flashes, comets and cosmic cycles. In his research he compares notes with ancient wisdom, the legacies of the Egyptians and the Maya’s (calendars), Astrology, and Theosophy. 

His Auric Time Scale divides the time span of the 5125 years or the 13 baktuns of the Maya Long Count Calendar into 12 Golden Mean separated intervals. Dr. Smelyakov proved in his first paper on the Auric Time Scale that the epochs he found that separate the Maya calendar into Golden Mean segments synchronise with worldly demographic trends (growth of the population in China), astronomical events, natural cataclysms and spiritual developments as well as the introduction of calendar systems.

The Auric Time Scale theory was first mentioned by David Wilcock ( in his March 2002 article titled ‘The ultimate secret of the Mayan Calendar’ calling Smelyakov’s theory the ‘smoking gun’ that 2012 would represent the long prophesised ‘ascension’ of mankind, a subject covered in his on-line books on the convergence of science and spirituality. However, neither Wilcock nor Smelyakov himself at the time were aware of the fact that the artificial separation of the Maya Long Count Calendar into 12 segments did not correspond with the Auric Time Scale ending on the actual end date of the Maya Calendar. In his book ‘Beyond 2012 Catastrophe or Ecstasy, a Complete Guide to the End of Time Predictions’, Geoff Stay, one of worlds leading 2012 researchers, pointed out this very fact and calculated that Smelyakov’s Auric Time Scale actually ended around the year 2037.

Geoff Stray adapted the original Auric Time scale and calculated some 50 odd bifurcations points in total and made sure the Auric Time Scale ended on the true end date of the Maya calendar. Having read Geoff Stray’s book I understood and agreed with Geoff Stray's point of view. Geoff Stray's correspondence with Dr. Sergey Smelyakov about his findings however did not lead to a major change of the original Auric Time Scale theory. 

In an e-mail conversation with Sergey Smelyakov I pointed out this very fact again and suggested to use an infinite number of intervals in the Auric Time Scale expecting the infinite number of segments to converge to a finite smallest first segment. This first segment could then be used to calculate the length of the next segment being a Golden Mean (0,618) fraction shorter than its predecessor, resulting in an infinite number of segments that would eventually implode to the end date of the Maya calendar.

My assumption proofed to be correct and Sergey Smelyakov adapted his theory accordingly such that we were able to calculate the exact lengths of each of the segments that separate the true bifurcation points of his Auric Time Scale. The adapted theory was officially coined IAST (Infinite Auric Spiral of Time) to differentiate with his original theory that is now called the FAST (Finite Auric Spiral of Time). The discovery of the IAST did not invalidate any of his earlier findings of the FAST, the IAST only fine tuned the exact dates of the bifurcation points of the FAST and the differences between the bifurcation epochs of the FAST and IAST were between 1 and 5 percent. The next suggestion I made was to allow the IAST to become fractal, meaning that each of the individual intervals of the FAST would be further divided into Golden Mean divided segments. This process of course can be repeated indefinitely creating a fractal.

For the sake of clarity we only use the term Auric Time Scale in the remainder of this article since this is the general term known to those who are familiar with the work of Dr. Smelyakov.

Based on this new theory of the Auric Time Scale, the Auric Time Scale calculator was developed which is presented on top of this page. The Auric Time Scale calculator now allows for the calculation of all of the historic bifurcation points as wells as the future bifurcation points leading up to the year 2012. We believe that at the very same month that this IAST theory has been discovered and its calculator developed, November 2006 represents a very important time frame since it corresponds with the next major bifurcation point in the Auric Time Scale (BP 14).

However we’re not suggesting that the Auric Time Scale and its corresponding Auric Time Scale calculator have prophetic properties per se, we only suggest that the bifurcation points represent probabilities of great change, major worldly events could unfold giving the proper circumstances for this probability to materialise.


The Auric Time Scale

The Maya Long Count calendar’s start date is 11th August 3114 BC and its end date is 21st December 2012, covering a time span of 5125 years.

The bifurcation points of the Infinite Auric Time Scale (IAST) theory divide the total length of the Maya calendar into an infinite number of segments. Each successive segment is a Golden Mean (phi = 0.618) fraction shorter that its predecessor. If you add up all the segments from the start date of the Maya calendar you end up at 12:00 GMT on 21st December 2012. Although there are an infinite number of segments, there is a first segment length that is finite (> 0) and can be calculated. Dr. Smelyakov determined that the first segment has an exact length of: 

.  =   . = 1872000 X 0.381966 = 715040.3945 days, whereas N is the total number of days in the 13 baktun Maya Long Count calendar = 13 * 144.000 = 1872000 kins (or days)

Once the first segment is known each successive segment can be accurately calculated. The bifurcation points that are derived this end are the main bifurcation points, also called the first order bifurcation points. It’s easy to repeat the same logic of dividing a segment into infinite smaller segments using the Golden Mean. If we apply it to lets say the first segment defined by the boundaries of the first order bifurcation points, we end up with another infinite number of smaller segments. The bifurcation points found in this sequence are called the second order bifurcation points. This method can be repeated indefinitely, and in fact will create a fractal, a principle that creates self similarity between all levels, from the higher order bifurcation points to the lower order bifurcation points.

This algorithm can be visualised by a spiral that is spiralling in from the start of the Maya calendar to the end of the calendar. The repeatability of the fractal can be visualised by similar spirals branching off the main spiral at the bifurcation points.

Guidelines for using the Auric Time Scale Calculator

The Auric Time Scale calculator is presented at the top of this page. It calculates the Gregorian date, the Julian calendar date, the Julian day and the Maya Long Count Calendar date for each bifurcation point of the Auric Time Scale.

The Auric Time Scale calendar or ATS calendar for short supports up to 5 levels or 5 orders of bifurcation points. The first order bifurcation points will give the first and most important bifurcation points of the Auric Time Scale. Enter a whole number in the first input field. The first order bifurcation date may also be a negative number, allowing the calculation of dates preceding the start of the Maya Long Count calendar, that is before 11th August 3114 BC. All other bifurcation points must be positive numbers.

If a number is entered for the second order bifurcation point, a Golden Mean subdivision is applied to the segment succeeding the first order segment.

Bifurcation points are denoted by a number, for example BP 0 corresponds with the start of the Maya calendar and BP 1 corresponds with the first bifurcation point representing the year 1156 BC. Bifurcation point B 0, 1 represents the first second order bifurcation point found within the first segment of the Auric Time Scale. Bifurcation point B 2, 1 represents the first second order bifurcation point found within the segment succeeding the second segment, that is within the third segment of the Auric Time Scale.

The Auric Time Scale calculator internally calculates all dates using Julian days which is also displayed by the calculator. The Julian day represents the number of days that have passed since the 1st January 4713 BC (Julian Calendar)  

Try entering bifurcation points and see if you can find some interesting historical dates. For instance BP 12,2,11 corresponds to 11th September 2001 (911) the terrorist attacks on the WTC. Consider the fact that the Auric Time Scale divides an immense time period of 5125 years into discrete periods and not all dates in this long time span are covered by the Auric Time Scale. The fact that we find 911 as a third order bifurcation or third harmonic in the Auric Time Scale is therefore a meaningful fact.

A strong resonance also exists between the start of the war on Iraq and the Auric Time Scale bifurcation point BP 13 (February 19th 2003) which is just one day and one month off the actual start date of the war. Bifurcation point BP 13, 0, 0, 0, 1 is just one day off.

At the time the IAST has been discovered (November 2006) bifurcation point BP 14 seems to become very important, representing the 22nd November 2006. Coincidently also the Time Wave Zero function (Terrence McKenna) predicts major changes in the year 2006 for the month of November. According to Mayanist Carl Johan Calleman the 24th November represents the Fifth Day of the Galactic Underworld, a day of major global changes.

Time Wave Zero November 2006


The dip at 3 November 2006 represents a major novelty for the year 2006

Will history repeat itself?

The Auric Time Scale (ATS) seems to be congruent with the Time Wave Zero (TWZ) function as far as bifurcation points BP14 and BP15 are concerned. The greatest novelty for 2006 according to the TWZ was to be expected at November 3 while ATS calculated November 22 as its next bifurcation point. Both TWZ and ATS predict that the next greatest change can be expected in March 2009 (ATS) and October 2009 (TWZ).

The TWZ predicts a rather peculiar but striking resonance of the last 6 years of WWII with the time left from December 20 2006 until the end of the Maya Calendar 21 December 2012. Let’s hope and pray that we collectively have learned our Karmic lessons from this dark period in human history and make sure that history will not repeat itself!  



Source: (author Zyzygyz)


The Auric Time Scale mapping

Table1 below shows the major or first order bifurcation points calculated with the ATS calculator.

Table 1

11407 BC

6282 BC

3114 BC

1156  BC

55 AD

803 AD

1265 AD

1550 AD

1727 AD

1836 AD

1903 AD

1945 AD

1971 AD

1987 AD

1997 AD

2003 AD

2006 AD

2009 AD

2010 AD

2011 AD

2012 AD (1 Feb)

2012 AD (June)

Point of convergence:
12:00 GMT Dec 21, 2012

Table 2 show a mapping of the first order bifurcation points to relevant historic periods.

Table 2

 Bifurcation point

 Date (Gregorian)

 Historic era

BP -2

-11407 BC End of glacial era, biblical Deluge, geomagnetic inversion

BP -1

-6282 BC Second ruin of Atlantis, geomagnetic inversion

BP 0

3114 BC Start of Maya Long Count calendar

BP 1

1155 BC Beginning of the Iron Age

BP 2

55 AD Time of Christ, start of Christianity

BP 3

803 Middle Ages

BP 4


Late Middle Ages

BP 5


Colonialism and imperialism

BP 6


Newton, foundation of science

BP 7

1836 Industrial revolution

BP 8

1903 World War I

BP 9

1945 World War II

BP 10

1971 Start of the space age

BP 11

1987 Year of the Maya Harmonic Convergence

BP 12

1997 New Age movement

BP 13


War on Terror, Iraq, Afghanistan

BP 14

2006 Nuclear cold war with Iran and North Korea

Table 3 shows some of the bifurcation points found sofar. Notice BP 13 and BP 14 that we believe are strong bifurcation points resonating with the most important global developments after 911.

Table 3

 Bifurcation point

 Date (Gregorian)


 Historic event

BP 6,1,0,2,8

2/07      1776  -2  4th July Declaration of Independence United States of America

BP 8,0,2,0,7

27/07    1914  -1  Start of World War I

BP 8,4,0,0,2

4/09      1939   +3   Invasion of Poland, start of WWII

BP 8, 18

16/07    1945


Explosion of the first atomic bomb by Los Alamos Labs at Trinity New Mexico

BP 9,2,0,5,3

22/10    1962


Cuba Crisis

BP 11

21/03    1987


Harmonic Convergence on the vernal equinox

BP 11,0,2,1,5

10/11    1989


Fall of the Berlin Wall

BP 12, 2, 11

11/09    2001         911 terrorist attacks New York

BP 9, 5, 2, 0, 2

23/07    1969 +3 Landing on the moon

BP 12, 2, 0, 2, 3

22/01    2001  +2 Inauguration Bush first term

BP 13, 0, 0, 0, 1

20/03    2003 +1 Start of war on Iraq

BP 13, 1, 1, 0, 8

26/12    2004 Tsunami Asia

BP 13, 9

4/11      2006   Corresponds with novelty of Time Wave Zero function for 2006:

BP 13,9,0,5

7/11     2006   Midterm elections USA

BP 14

22/11   2006 -2 Galactic Underworld Fifth Day of the Galactic Underworld
(Carl Johan Calleman)


We do not suggest that the Auric Time Scale and its corresponding Auric Time Scale calculator is a perfect prophecy tool.
No such tools exist. We only suggest, based on the theory of the Infinite Auric Time Scale, that the bifurcation points represent quantum probabilities of major worldly events taking place on or around the dates of the bifurcation points predicted by this theory.


Sergey Smelyakov, Auric Time Scale

Dr. Sergey V. Smelyakov is a professor at two universities in Kharkov, Ukraine, a member of several academic councils. Concurrently, he is ISAR Vice-President for Ukraine (The International Society for Astrological Research), Member of the “Golden Fund” of Cyclic Science of Russia, President of the Kharkov Regional Astrological Centre. His M.A. degree is in Applied Mathematics, first Ph.D. – in Cybernetics, and his Doctor's degree – is in Numerical Methods and Mathematical Modelling.
Download full AURIC TIME SCALE paper here

Geoff Stray, Diagnosis 2012

Geoff Stray is one of the worlds leading 2012 researchers he is the webmaster of the Diagnosis 2012 website and author of the book
'Beyond 2012 Catastrophe or Ecstasy, a Complete Guide to the End of Time Predictions’.

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