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Latest video

Joe and Phil play with a Suzuki with out positive on the coil, also a brief discussion on the cell from a different perspective. The video starts all over the place and starts with Peter playing with the test engine to get it running before adding the cell. The video chops here and there from old files but some good info.

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Byron New Energy promotion film



Ringorgone video's

A man named Ringo has filmed every stage of the Joe Cell construction and put them on the web. You can watch his instruction video's below.

1- Assembly
2 - Installation
3 - Testing Magnetism of Stainless
4 - Magnetism of Press Fit Cone
5 - Press Fit Cone Outlet
6 - Press Fit Cone Outlet 2
7 - First Charge Rain Water
8 - Blind Plug location
9 - Install Blind Plug
10 - Conduit Template
11 - Bush to Fire Wall
12 - In Situ
13 - Orgone Accumulator Jacket 1
14 - Orgone Accumulator Jacket 2
15 - Orgone Accumulator Jacket 3
16 - Figure Eight
17 - Sea Salt Scum
18 - Strong Figure Eight
19 - Bang
20 - Alkaline Charged Water


Joe Cell magnetising the water

In this video it is demonstrated that the water is magnetically charged as a result of the charging of the water by the Joe Cell. In the first video the magnetic effects of the water is demonstrated with a compass. In the next video the charging process of this cell is demonstrated and is definitely a stage 3 cell.


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