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In this extraordinary time many developments in our world are coalescing in what could become a scientific and spiritual revolution in the near future. Scientists have started to openly discuss major paradigm shifts in many areas of science. The public at large in many cases is unaware of these subjects since our mass media does not give it the attention it deserves.

The essence of these developments is that science is starting to reveal that ancient spiritual teachings may have been right about the fundamental truth of our physical reality. Quantum science has discovered that our universe comprises a vast sea of energy that permeates everything and everyone. At the fundamental level everything what we esteem as a physical thing is basically pure energy. In addition, the physical reality that we perceive with our senses is not independent of our conscious awareness of it. Time and again scientist are able to prove in their laboratories by means of real physical experiments that objective reality is an illusion. These experiments also reveal that physical objects are not separate things but are infinitely connected at the quantum level. The underpinning of the universe is a quantum field of energy that science has termed the zero point field. Everything within this field is interrelated and it is not farfetched to say that the universe itself is just One eternally evolving body! Eastern spirituality has always claimed that the essence of the universe is pure conscious energy, the Akashic field. In a sense there is no material world, there is only our materialistic experience of the world.

Our current belief is that we are individual beings with a separate ego. Science is progressing into the notion that this belief too may be false after all and that ancient spiritual wisdom may have been right again. Eastern spirituality calls the belief in a separate ego Maya, an illusion. Some scientists now start to talk openly about the possibility of a universal consciousness that we are all part of. Basically all of this means that fundamentally we're One. There is a single cause for everything, a universal energy from which the material and immaterial world is created. Some would call this first cause of creation God, others would rather refer to it as nature.

What all these discoveries are revealing is that we are co-creators of the physical world outside of us that we perceive as strictly separate from us. If this is true, we have at our disposal a tremendous powerful tool, the human brain that by mere thought alone has the ability to change not only our personal lives but also the world at large. Science has proven by experiment that human intention does have the power to change things in our physical world. It is simply our current belief system that we are powerless that is holding us back from making real changes happening. What we believe to be true is reflected in our personal experience of reality.

The intention of this site is to bring this knowledge that is both ancient and novel to a greater audience. Once these concepts are accepted and valued for what they are worth, miracles may start to happen when we positively focus our attention on issues in our personal lives and in the world at large. Studies of large group meditations have irrefutably proven that transcendental meditation has the power to significantly drop crime rates in major cities. Masuro Emoto in countless cases has proven that human intention has the power of 'mind over matter' and is able to alter the state of water.

Prophets time and again such as Jesus, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Madame Blavatsky, and many others have prophesised that major changes in human consciousness would occur in the epoch we now live in. If we include the 2012 Mayan prophecies correlated with the ending of the Maya long-count calendar we may indeed be witnessing these prophesies coming to fulfillment.


The name of this site ‘Souls of Distortion’ is chosen to denote our false perception of ourselves, the world and everything else that we esteem as separate from us. In reality we are infinitely connected with everyone and everything else in the universe.

The term ‘Souls of Distortion’ was originally used by an entity named ‘Ra’ in a channeling that was received by a woman named Carla Rueckert. The first channeling of 'Ra' started on the 15th January 1981 and the scientific and esoteric wisdom that was received by this woman over the next four years has been bundled in a series called
The Law of One’. These books meticulously describe the universe in ways that scientist are now discovering. Ra not only was the channeling source of Carla Rueckert but also of David Wilcock and presumably Edgar Cayce.

The entity Ra called us humans ‘Souls of Distortion’ because we have a distorted perception of reality. Ra also revealed that we are co-creating our own reality.

  “The Ra Material” is probably the most profound and most recognized piece of work to come out of the L/L channeling sessions. It was brought forward in the period from 1981 to 1984, with Carla Rueckert doing the channeling, Don Elkins asking the questions, and Jim McCarty being the scribe. In these sessions Ra identified himself as a social-memory-complex, or what might be called a group soul, which had evolved over hundreds of thousands of years from a third-density human population which existed once on the planet Venus. Ra exists now as an energy form and is dedicated in service to the population of Earth to assist in an imminent planetary shift where the vibration of the planet is lifting from third density to fourth density.

In the “Law of One” books that, as a series, comprise “The Ra Material”, Ra explains, in great detail, the process of how we evolve, where we go when we leave this plane, the different levels or densities we pass through, the nature of human/ET interaction, and much more.

Egyptian Sun God Ra


The objective of this web site is to provide information about this new emerging awareness on this planet such that we may start to see our Oneness. If we can do that there is hope that we will overcome our differences and that lasting peace on this planet will be established. I believe that all problems we are now facing in the world are caused by a lack of a fundamental understanding of our true nature. At heart we are spiritual beings with a physical experience instead of the other way around. We’ve held the world up side down and were steeped into a blind faith of materialism. Now on a global scale many people are starting to awaken and realize that this viewpoint may be wrong. The Biblical metaphor for this misconception is the story of Adam and Eve and ‘The fall of mankind’.

If we start awakening from our nightmares that we are separate and powerless beings abandoned by God in a big cold world, we may regain our consciousness and see that we are One with our creator.

In a world that is being destroyed by the selfish acts of the illusionary human ego, a new spirituality is required in we are to survive the 21st century.


The parable of Plato's cave

A line of prisoners is chained together in a cave looking at a cave wall. Since they are chained they cannot turn their heads to look and see what is behind them. Outside the cave a fire is burning. People pass by projecting from the fire their images on the cave wall. All the prisoners have ever seen is the shadows of persons passing by their cave. They assume, therefore, that the shadows are reality.

Then, one day, one of the prisoners is released. He goes up, out of the cave and into the sunlight. He sees colors and three dimensional images for the first time. He decides that he must go down back into the cave to tell the other prisoner that what they have taken for reality is false. After his return his eyes take a while to readjust to the darkness in the cave. He tells his fellow prisoners what he has seen outside the cave and tells them that what they see is only a projection of reality. What happens is that the prisoners turn mad and make a fool out of the released man. The unreleased prisoners deduct from what they hear and see of the released man that going up out of the cave is dangerous and makes one mad, so they ignore him and return to watch the shadows on the wall again.

Many of us act like the prisoners in Plato's cave when we are confronted with these revolutionary scientific concepts and rather head back to our cave. In the analogy of Plato's parable, it is the skeptic who chooses to stay imprisoned. Now is the time to free your mind!


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This song from my favorite guitarist was released in the same month I started writing my e-book 'Souls of Distortion Awakening'. I was unaware of this fact until I purchased his latest album. Carl Jung calls it a synchronicity when meaningfull events are related, however when unrecognised we would call it just a coincidence, wouldn't we?


This is me 'squaring' the circle


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