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The following book review of 'Souls of Distortion Awakening\Convergence of Science and Spirituality' was published on Daniel Winter's internet site in the Implosion Group Newsletter of May 2005:


New book "Convergence of Science and Spirituality" - Chapter 6 Ether/Vortex/Implosion&Gravity and Chapter 9 Emotions/Heart Coherence& DNA- focus largely on Dan Winter's Implosion physics:
(...Dan {it}"brought me to a general understanding of your theories")..

from Ian Smith <>, Monday, May 16, 2005 - to Dan Winter
- After ready many mystic science books like; "The field" "mysticism in the new science", "hidden messages in water", and "The Tao of physics" I'm finally starting to comprehend the majority of the information provided on your site. What brought me back you your site again was this website - Souls of Distortion Awakening; , which briefly explains many of the "Fringe" ..theories according to the conventional physicists; like the work of John Hutchison, sacred geometry in science, The new ether science, and your theories of PHI and the concept of an atom being comprised of many whirls and vortexes of this ether... His simplified overview of your theories was a HUGE help...He explains it in regular english, without the advanced technical jargon which brought me to a general understanding of your theories.'


Daniel Winter's comment:

------Chapter 6 Ether/Vortex/Implosion&Gravity and Chapter 9 Emotions/Heart Coherence& DNA from the new book:"Souls of Distortion Awakening: A Convergence of Science and Spirituality" (beautiful pdf or online ebook all free download - ) mentioned above- very large portions of which are dedicated to explaining Dan Winter's PHI IMPLOSION theory of Gravity and Consiousness. As suggested above it is a very gratifying and helpful simplication - and largely really good work - - -
however one huge error needs to be mentioned: late in the book the author suggests it was Stan Tenen who discovered the Golden Mean Spiral is the origin of Alphabets. In the hundred thousand pages or so of Stan Tenen's Hebrew zealot free lawyer generated US Federal court unethical harassment of Dan Winter- which resulted in PI THE MOVIE (Dan's picture on their web site) - and US (Jewish biased) Federal court in shocking defiance of the first amendment making EVERYTHING WINTER WRITES illegal in America?! - Tenen clearly and repeatedly claims his only notion of alphabet origin is his cheap piece of jewelry - which he admits has NO EQUATION or mathematics- and he insists is DEFINITELY NOT BASED ON GOLDEN MEAN ! Here is the unpublished side of that court case which bankrupted Winter- in the usual justice goes to who can afford it - which Tenen tried desparately to prevent you from reading:

I offered Daniel Winter my sincere apologies to attribute the discovery of the Golden Mean Spiral as the origin of the Hebrew Alphabet to Stan Tenen and promised to correct this on the website and in my book (corrections made in the last edition).


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