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By early December it became evident that this winter was not going to be “typical.”   Because of the myriad of extremes in weather to which this planet has been exposed, I have resisted updating the site with news and observations at each occurrence of these “disasters,” even though there have been many from which to choose. Yet there is good reason why there have been so many shifts in the weather patterns… A larger Shift is upon us. 

By early December it became evident that this winter was not going to be “typical.”   Because of the myriad of extremes in weather to which this planet has been exposed, I have resisted updating the site with news and observations at each occurrence of these “disasters,” even though there have been many from which to choose. Yet there is good reason why there have been so many shifts in the weather patterns.

My greatest concern in sharing this information is that of creating fear and furthering the “victim” mentality, which remain the primary tools of control of The Powers That Be; and I will not add further fuel to that mix. 

It now seems evident to most of those with open minds and eyes that the workings of the atmosphere are just not “as they used to be.” As always, I am repeatedly asked for the “Whom” and as to the “Why?”   Both of those answers will become evident in short order.

Something much larger and more important than the manipulation of the environment is already upon us, and will soon overtake those souls who remain unaware of its grandness.

The Shift of the Ages has begun. The spiral of this epoch of time has nearly reached its completion.

Clues to this unfolding are all around. It simply takes raising ones consciousness and lifting ones vision to see these clues, these messages from the planet and from the animal kingdom.

Recently, there have been many reports of birds dropping from the skies; dolphins and sea lions fleeing the oceans; bats thousands of miles from native territory. These animals, individually and as groups, are responding to a call--a call that can be heard by humanity if the mind can reach that place of stillness, that place of oneness, where all knowledge is available.

Remember that very few animals were lost in the Indonesian tsunami.

Those creatures were in tune with the heartbeat of the planet and responded accordingly. Should mankind finally choose to listen to the Earth with man’s collective heart center, perhaps there would be much less loss of life during coming cataclysmic events. However, this shift requires new personal priorities. Adjusting to a new harmonious life focus will be a requirement for survival, otherwise the planet will soon use her seas to begin the rebalancing of humanity for us.  When that point in time arrives, we will all be given a great test of compassion as we come to terms with our losses. 

On another topic (but definitely related), I have relocated my home to Colorado from Idaho. Believe it or not, eastern Idaho was too close to the Pacific Ocean for my personal comfort, but that is a story for another time!

This article was scanned and emailed to me from a reader in the UK.  As is easily visible, the birds appear to be flying in hyperspatial (our current dimensions plus) flock formations. As our current reality breaks down, with assistance from highly energetic light energies originating from the center of the Galaxy, the new Creation must begin to take form in the hearts of mankind.

The Powers That Be desire a reality based on control and darkness and will do all they can to ensure that outcome. It is up to us to see a brighter, lighter future--one that comes from the heart. A new Creation is coming upon mankind and the Divine will allow us to determine how it comes together.   Will it be a creation by The Powers That Be or one from the collective heart centers of the most loving of mankind? It is your decision. It has always been your decision as co-creators.


Cloud geometry seen over the Mediterranean during the summer of 2006.

Something to look forward to as March approaches will be the launch of my radio show, Weather Wars—Prelude to the Shift, which will be heard on the America First Radio Network.   Although the contracts are not yet signed, the show, which likely will be two hours in length with live call-in, will be heard both Saturday and Sunday evenings. The good news is that within minutes of each show’s end, pod casts will be available for download-streaming listening for those who will not be able to hear it from a broadcast radio station.  As the launch date approaches, I will provide additional specifics.

I am thrilled about this opportunity to present current environmental information in a format outside of this website and in my favorite format: audio! Of course, blog will be generated as a result of the show. 

The following list highlights some of the topics that will be discussed during the coming year, and should give the reader an idea as to which topics are of importance.

  • Past abrupt climate shifts and the relationship to the planet’s processional cycle. What percentage of global warming is induced by man’s use of the atmosphere as a dumping ground for waste, as the CO2/global warming camp would have us believe, and how much is a natural part of the processional cycle? ecent energy changes within the Sun-Earth-atmosphere dynamic. Can these, and do these, changes have an effect on the human body’s biochemical processes and our emotions?
  • A cursory examination of details concerning physical changes manifesting upon other planets within the solar system.
  • Do colors, shapes, and archetypes in the new hyperspatial reality have a connection to electrified chemtrails? Just how many reasons do “they” have for flying these glyphs in the sky at significant earth energy points?  I’ve got some great pictures!


  • Programming the human race to hold back the evolution of consciousness.
  • Wholly absent national policy concerning sustainable energy development; protecting and restoring our environment for future generations; failed farm policy; and woeful leadership when it comes to space exploration. 
  • UFOs: Now you see one and now you see some more. Been to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport recently?  Were you late getting in because your United gate was occupied due to a hovering UFO?  It is long past time for the Government to be removed from this most important of national debates. The Powers That Be lie, lie, and then lie some more. There is no more grotesque conflict of interest than that between the US Government and its citizens regarding the truth of expansive life beyond this planet. The time for disclosure was during the Truman Administration!
  • Changes within Earth’s base resonant frequency and attendant magnetic stability.
  • Past data regarding magnetic and physical pole shifts.
  • Discoveries of ET DNA intermixed with human DNA. Your ability to change your own DNA with focused intent and emotion. This is very cool stuff! 
  • Creation versus evolution… Really, how can you have one without the other?
  • The coming cycling of several calendars on or about the winter solstice 2012.
  • And, of course, end time prophecy… There is no shortage of that material to go around. Some of it is standing the test of time, and some is just utter garbage.    Incan, Mayan, American Indian, and Biblical prophecies are amongst many other sources which have sent these messages forward in time.

For all those who fear they won’t get their dose of weather information, all of that will still be included. I  feel, however, that the obviousness of the weather manipulation is now so great that I need/want to shift focus to the next issue which is far more important and also will so deeply affect each and every one of us.

Stick around--it is about to get very exciting for those who hunger and choose to DO SOMETHING to bring on a better world for everyone.

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