The new physics

Divine Cosmos, David Wilcock

David Wilcock

David Wilcock

Daniel Winter implosion physics

Daniel Winter\Ted Small

Hans Jenny's Cymatics


Enterprise Mission

Ether Dynamics I

Ether Dynamics II

The message from water

Nikolai Kozyrev's torsion waves

Paul la Violette

Nassim Haramein

Torsion waves

The electric universe

David Talbott, Wallace Thornhill

Cleve Backster

Grazyna Fosar & Franz Bludorf

Star Stuffs

Vortex basics and fractals





Wave structure of matter

Milo Wolff's wave structure of matter

Geoff Hazelhurst

Platonic Solid structure of matter

Gabriel laFreniere



Science and consciousness

Noetic Sciences

Amit Goswami Science within Conciousness

Stuart Hammeroff's Quantum brain theory

William Tiller conscious acts of creation

Global Consciousness Project

Bruce Lipton, the new biology

Dean Radin


Energies of the Earth

Vortex maps

Pyramid Matrix Carl Munck

Bethe Hagens Earth Grid


Stonehenge Astronomical Observatory

A new theory is given here, which describes the function of Stonehenge as an astronomical observatory.




Sacred geometry

Golden Museum

Phi, the Golden Mean

Bruce Rawles

Drunvalo Mechizedek

Charles Gilchrist

Crystalinks sacred geometry

Platonic Solids animations

Sacred geometry in the Old Testament

Sacred geometry in the New Testament

Sacred geometry in hurricanes (I)

Sacred geometry in hurricanes (II)

Our Sound Universe

Sacred Geometry Forming Wisdom

Leonardo da Vinci

Atlantis & Antiquity

Free e-magazine Atlantis Rising

Discovery of Atlantis

Michael Tsarion

The morien institute

Zecharia Sitchen

The Hidden Records

Ancient Mysteries



Maurice Cotterell



Crop circles

Crop circle connector

Crop circle ring

The crop circular

Crop circles and sacred geometry

Nancy Talbott

Silburry Hill 2004



Altro Giornale



Laura Lee show

Coast to Coast AM

Untold Mysteries


Living Insight

Piet van Cauwenbergh

Wayshowers, Changing the Thought of the Human Race

Changing the Thought of the Human Race

The Breakthrough Celebration

Heart Events


Earth changes
and global warming

Changes in the Solar System

Transformation of the Solar System

Galactic Centre superwave Paul La Violette

Magnetic Flips

Sun is freaking out

Sorcha Faal

Earth changes TV





A course in Miracles

Miracles Network

Quantum Awakening

The Law of One

Law of Attraction


Openhand - unveiling the true self

Deeksha – Oneness

Diamond Doorways

The Seven Rays Today

Right eye of Horus



Library of Halexandria

Edgar Cayce

Free energy and antigravity

Tom Bearden

Jean-Louis Naudin antigravity and overunity

Lutec 1000

Hutchison effect on-line

Infinite energy

Zero point energy

Free energy news

Genesis world energy

American antigravity

Byron New Energy

Open Source Energy Network

Yahoo Joe Cell group

Geet engine, Paul Pantone

Free E yourself

Motionless Electromagnetic Generator

Energy By Motion



Diagnosis 2012 website

2012 Unlimited

2012 Network

Terrence McKenna and the Time Wave Zero

John Major Jenkins

Carl Johan Calleman

Mayan wisdom, calendar and prophecies

Auric Time Scale, Sergey Smelyakov



David Sereda

Dr. Richard Boylan




Era Nova




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