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In spring 2005, Sol Millin formed a research group in the exotic Byron Bay area in Australia and called it ‘Byron New Energy’ or BNE for short. Sol Millin’s intention was to develop free energy for the world and as we can reed from BNE’s mission statement their aim is ‘to establish a not for profit humanitarian group’. In order to achieve this goal BNE has adopted the ‘open source’ approach of sharing their research and technology freely on a Wiki based website, that allows everybody to publish information and share their contributions and in doing so become a member of the BNE community.

In September 2005 Sol Millin launched his next initiative to round up a community of researchers and scientists that could contribute to BNE’s goal to develop free energy for the world. This resulted in Daniel Winter’s support to this group and was also the time that I was asked by Sol to join the BNE team. I had met Sol through my book ‘Souls of Distortion Awakening’ that he had read and was exited about. We exchanged many thoughts on our favourite subjects of physics and consciousness and finally Sol invited me on board the BNE team to become a webmaster of

Today BNE is proud to present the first results of our quest to achieve ‘non polluting free energy for the future’. BNE has developed what is called a cosmic water cell that harnesses a new form of energy from its environment and that can be used to power a combustion engine and run a car. Basically all the cell contains is three concentric stainless steal electrodes submerged in plain water. The outer electrode is the anode and the inner electrode is the cathode, the centre electrode is neutral. The cell is charged with a 12V DC power supply for only a few minutes. As expected a normal electrolyses process is initiated but remarkably enough a new kind of energizing process seems to continue even when the power supply is switched off. According to the original inventor, a man who does not want to be identified other that by his first name Joe, the cell starts ‘charging’ energy from the cosmos all by itself. After a few days of ‘cosmic charging’, the cell will contain ‘charged water’ that can be used.

BNE is able to demonstrate that a car can be powered with this ‘charged water’. No direct fuel injection is required, the output of the cell is simply attached to a bulge on the carburettor using a rubber hose. With the fuel line disconnected, the car can be started and will run on this new form of energy.

BNE has no explanation why the car runs on this energy, but since the engine runs smoothly only when the timing of the ignition is advanced, it may be an indication that it is using some kind of implosion rather than the ordinary explosion principle that we would expect from a combustion engine.

During the ‘cosmic charging’ process different kind of gases have been observed, including hydrogen. The ‘charged water’ has strange properties, the strangest being its ability to burn when ignited! Whether it’s the hydrogen in the water or the water itself that’s providing the fuel is unsure, but it may well be that this water is releasing its collected cosmic energy in a process we observe as oxidation or burning.

BNE is also able to demonstrate at least one more strange property of this ‘charged water’ in a ‘don’t try this at home’ type of experiment. When this water was poured straight into the carburettor of a running car, the engine kept running! Since water is incompressible one would expect the conrods of the engine to snap when the piston attempts to compress the fluid in the compression stroke. However the engine of Sol Millin’s old Subaru kept purring like a cat being stroked.

From our current scientific understanding cars are not supposed to run on water, however BNE’s experiments are real and can be reproduced. As far as the motives of BNE, one can rest assured that we have a positive intention of delivering this free energy truly free! Why, because BNE has openly published all its findings on their website to make sure that this technology cannot be patented by big industrial companies that would once again, charge the community for energy that in reality is free.

BNE is inviting scholars and researchers worldwide to investigate this new form of energy and reproduce the results of what we expect will one day revolutionize the world. BNE is also looking for investors to finance our research lab in Byron Bay.



You can watch the BNE demonstration video here:

High resolution: BNE demonstration Joe Cell

Low resolution : BNE demonstration Joe Cell


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Pure Energy Systems
Pure Energy Systems Joe Cell


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Joe Cell pictures

Joe Cell

Concentric high quality stainless steel cylinders in the Joe Cell


Joe Cell

Cylinders electrically separated by spacers


Joe Cell

Joe Cell connected to 12V DC power supply


Joe Cell

Joe Cell creating bubbles even when the power supply is switched off after 5 minutes charging


Joe Cell

Finished operating unit to be installed in a car


Joe Celll

Joe Cell installed on a car


Sterling D. Allan of PES interviews
Peter Stevens of Byron New Energy

Sterling Allan of Pure Energy Systems has interviewed Peter Stevens of Byron New Energy on the highly unusual technology and some of the astonishing claims surrounding it.  This fuelless technology could make gasoline and diesel obsolete, while not requiring a change of the engine infrastructure now in existence.

And here

Bill Williams

Video of Truck equiped with a Joe Cell


Joe Cell truck builder threatened, destroys plans

After announcing that he had successfully built a truck that runs on Joe Cell technology, drawing energy from water and Orgone, Bill Williams said he was approached by two men who demanded that he stop his research, threatening him with dire consequences if he didn't.  Others are keeping the Joe Cell alive.

If you think the Bill Williams case was a single incident you'll be suprised to read how large scale and ugly the world wide free energy suppression really is:
world wide free energy suppresion

Theoretical explanation of the Joe Cell

Ever since Sterling Allan of Pure Energy Systems has picked up on the Joe Cell and interviewed Peter Stevens of Byron New Energy, the interest in the Joe Cell has sky-rocketed. Theories on the PESN website have started to surface on how the Joe Cell works. The conventional idea is that the Joe Cell produces hydrogen gas and that this gas is the fuel that makes a car run. However those who have been building the Joe Cell and running their cars with it have always claimed that it’s not hydrogen that’s running their cars but Orgone. On the PESN website I gave my view of what Orgone energy is and how this energy is accumulated by the Joe Cell.

Download explanation in PDF Form


How to make and run a Joe Cell

Peter Stevens his instruction on building a Joe Cell are available on-line and you can read it here. Building a Joe Cell is relatively simply. Tuning your car to run on the Joe Cell is something else and requires more effort. If you're interested in replicating the Joe Cell you'll find the first basic information here.

Read more

The most elaborate manual available on the net is Alex Schiffer's Joe Cell manual. You can download it for free here::

Joe Cell Manual of Alex Schiffer

Here are his latest updates of the manual:

Joe Cell Manual updates

If you happen to be interested in the spirituall aspects of Orgone and the Joe Cell in particular, I recommend you to read Update 14 'The Life Force (Orgone), the Joe Cell and you' page 195-204 of this manual. Perhaps you start to grasp that the Joe Cell is much more that just a free energy device.


On-line Joe Cell video's

Many films are ciculating about the Joe Cell and more are comming. You can watch some of the demonstration and instruction movies here:

Watch video's


Nulpuntsweekend June 9-11 2006

Presentatation Joe Cell

During the weekend of June 9-11 the annual ‘nulpuntsweekend’ was organized in Drouwernerveen in the Dutch province Drenthe by the Dutch zeropoint energy research group of Frank Bonte. During this weekend we held a presentation of the Joe Cell and summoned those who were interested in the replication of the Joe Cell to join us. The harvested 20 people who will start building a Joe Cell and this should give us significant feedback on the reliability of the claims of wonders of the Joe Cell.

If you are interested you can still apply to Frank Bonte or me via this website. Your anonymity will be guaranteed. Participants will be able to share their experiences on a dedicated and restricted forum to which only the participants will be admitted.
During the weekend we also had the pleasure of interviewing ‘Peter Stevens’ from Australia, the visionary of the Joe Cell. A transcription of this interview will be published on this website.

Joe Cell Seminar

July 30, 2006; Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Peter Stevens, from Australia, will give a five-hour workshop on the Joe cell. He will explain how to build a Joe Cell, install it in a car, and how to adjust the engine of the car such that it will run on the Joe cell.

Read more

Peter Stevens

Peter Stevens of Byron New Energy

Joe Cell presentation cancelled!

Due to the lack of a validation of Peter Stevens' claims to run a vehicle on a Joe Cell with fuel line disconnected, substitute presentations on clean fuel conversions and the Proell effect are now planned for the July 30 seminar in Salt Lake City.

Read more


Dutch Joe Cell meeting

September 22, 2006 Zaandam Netherlands


The Dutch Joe Cell group gathered in a special meeting of the ‘zero point energy group’ and shared their first results with respect to the Joe Cell on Sunday 22nd of October 2006. Several Joe Cell builders attended this meeting and I personally held a presentation on the Joe Cell. I shared my own experience after months of experimenting. At the end of the presentation I explained some new insights and recent discoveries about water that I think are relevant with respect to the Joe Cell.

Read my new theories on water and the Joe Cell here.
Personal experience
To cut a long story short without beating around the bush, after months of experimenting with the Joe Cell my own experiments were disappointing, although I may have reached the point of a stage 3 cell, I didn’t have any certainty or could determine without any reasonable doubt that my Joe Cell was actually attracting energy. I’m not stating that my Joe Cell did not generate Orgone, I’m simply stating that there was no way to tell that it did. I regularly got the Joe Cell to create little bubbles that would sustain and still be present the day after. However I did not detect a self sustaining process of bubble creation without an external power supply.
Different kinds of waters were tested and there’s quite a difference between them, some produce significantly more bubbles than others. Also the creation of brown scum seems to depend of the quality of the water. Plain rain water seemed to perform the best without any scum forming. Hurrah for the acid rains!
At one stage I detected that the cell maintained a minimal charge even days after the power had been disconnected, but I concluded that this potential difference can be explained by an ordinary Galvanic effect, not a charged sustained by an Orgone source. I had seen convincing demonstrations of automatically recharging and replenishing Joe Cells with voltages in the range of 1 to 2 Volts after being discharged in video demonstrations on YouTube, but I have not been able to replicate these effects. The same video’s showed a significant magnetic field generated by the Joe Cell without any external power. I tested my cell for magnetic fields but was not able to detect any in case the power was disconnected. Magnetic fields were detected while charging only.
Other experiences
Other members of the Dutch Joe Cell team reported quit different results. Some were absolutely sure they had reached stage 3 (bubbles remaining after disconnecting power) and their bubble creation was still noticeable the day after charging the cell for only 2 minutes. There were also people present who experienced nauseousness caused by the Joe Cell when operational. I watched this happen to some people myself. The Dutch ‘zero point energy group’ has some sensitive people who are able to sense subtle energies and they confirmed that the Joe Cells present at the meeting generated these forms of energies. Some of them reacted quit agitated in the presence of the Joe Cell. Since these energies can not be measured with ordinary instruments I have to accept the experiences of these people. One of the visitors attending the meeting claiming to have no paranormal abilities took me by the hand and told me, look your device is producing a white smoke cloud like energy. I tried to see what he was observing but to no avail.

I believe the Joe Cell definitely generates some form of energy although this effect could not be experienced by me, others have come forward with convincing arguments and personal experiences that I can not deny. I therefore accept the fact that there’s more to the Joe Cell than what meets the eye, however with respect to my high hopes on channelling and converting this energy into a useful energy source that could make oil obsolete, I have become more sceptical. The mere fact that there must be hundredths of Joe Cell builders around the world by now and only so few of them have succeeded in powering their car with it, makes me believe this claim is either exaggerated or is very hard to duplicate. Until there’s more proof of these Joe Cell claims powering a car witnessed by independent witnesses, I’ve adopted a sceptic attitude.

This does not mean that I don’ believe in Sol Millin’s experiments and testimonies of him driving his car on the Joe Cell with the fuel line disconnected. Sol is without any doubt on my mind a trustworthy loving humanitarian who I love and respect for his work with Byron New Energy and I stress again that I have absolutely no doubts about his integrity. His claims therefore stand on their own.

However at the time I was wrapping up this update, I discovered this important latest news:

November 1, 2006, by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2006

Original article: Inventor runs engines on 'Proton Cell'

Quote: "An inventor in the Bundaberg area has been able to operate around fifteen different engines on the Joe Cell alone, with no fuel line connected.  He contacted me to begin the process of providing a demonstration as well as full disclosure of how the technology works; and has worked closely with me in the composition of this piece.

Most of his engines were outside of a vehicle, though he has gotten vehicles to run on such engines as well -- with no petrol fuel coming to the engine.

Partially due to financial restraints, it will be a month or two before he will be ready for the New Energy Congress to come in and run a full set of validation tests.  So this report is merely a recitation of BJ's claims, with no other credibility than one man's word and the extent to which it resonates with what is already known from other reports that have been given


And thus the mystery of the Joe Cell continues !!!

Joe Cell presentation

Demonstration of the Joe Cell


Water Disassociation Using
Zero Point Energy

Moray B. King has put forth a scientific model that suggests that the reason so many experimenters are observing more energy emerging from their electrolysis systems than what they put into it, is that the configuration harnesses zero point energy.
Download a Power Point Presentation here:

Water Dissociation Using Zero Point Energy (right click link to save to hard drive) - PowerPoint presentation by Moray King, presented July 28, 2007 at the ExtraOrdinary Technology conference in Salt Lake City.

Numerous inventions claim anomalous, energetic phenomena from water. Some inventions use standard electrolysis to produce hydrogen to catalyze a more efficient gasoline/diesel combustion. Electrolysis efficiency is improved by using pulsed electrical excitations tuned to resonance of the water molecule’s hydrogen- oxygen bond. Coherent ZPE activation can occur via abrupt ion motion in plasma discharge in an underwater arc or within a chamber of water vapor. If the arc is discharged repeatedly in a spinning fashion, the resulting plasma/ vapor vortex can further couple ZPE into the system. Further means of dissociation include ultrasonic excitation at Keely’s water dissociation frequency (~43 KHz) as well as laser stimulation at the point of electrical discharge.

There are inventions that use vortex motion of water to produce energetic anomalies. Schauberger induced precession and imploding vortex motion in water that exhibited a bluish glow at the tip of the vortex. Paul Pantone has claimed to observe similar glow within his dual manifold vortex system. Combining high voltage stimulation to the water vortex could induce macroscopic vorticity in the surrounding ZPE field. Such energized water may be readily dissociated by resonant pulsed electrolysis.

Noteworthy inventions include Andrija Puharich’s resonant electrolysis, Stan Meyer’s water fuel car, Phillip Kanarev’s plasma electrolysis, MIT’s plasmatron, George Wiseman’s parallel plate, pulsed electrolysis producing Brown’s Gas, and the Joe Cell containing many concentric cylindrical electrodes. Combining the techniques of these inventors could yield synergistic efficiency for water dissociation sourced from the zero-point energy.


Joe Cell and Torsion Fields

Bernie has supplied two Joe Cells for experiment of the c_s_s_p group. Dell and Dave have been experimenting with these and studying the torsional aspects of the cell at present. It is not yet known what the torsional function of the water does to an engine, or if the gas produced from the cell is also a factor. The experiment thus far deals only with the torsional component, which we are presently very familiar with.

Read more here: Joe Cell Technology and Torsion Fields

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