First of all my thanks goes to David Wilcock who’s work and books have had a major impact on my life and has been the initial inspiration to write this book. For many years I’d been studying spiritual literature, but my mind was fully blown away when I first read ‘Shift of the Ages’, ‘Science of Oneness’ and ‘Divine Cosmos’ that give a sound scientific explanation for all of the subjects I’d been reading about for so long. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that science and spirituality could one day be united! I soon found out that many more scientists are thinking along the same lines and are now corroborating esoteric eastern wisdom. The truth is that science and spirituality are just two viewpoints describing the same awesome universe. Thank you David and I wish you all the best with your upcoming movie ‘Convergence’ based on your books that no doubt will become even bigger and more successful than ‘What the Bleep do we know’.

My thanks also goes to Daniel Winter whose work I found just as important and inspirational. You’re one of the scientists of a new generation that is going to shift our scientific paradigm. Thank you for reviewing my book in May 2005 in your Implosion Group newsletter. And many thanks for your DVD’s and book that were sent to me afterwards, I cherish them. Also I want to express my gratitude for your continued support of Byron New Energy.

Many thanks also to Geoff Stray, author of the book ‘Beyond 2012, Catastrophe or Ecstasy, A Complete Guide to End-of-Time Predictions’ and webmaster of, the most important website if you’re looking for genuine objective and reliable information about the 2012 prophecies. Thank you for evaluating and correcting my book and including it into your book list on your website. The list is quit impressive and it’s an honour to be on this list. To me you’re the most important 2012 researcher keeping an objective perspective on all the wild 2012 theories that are available. Your book is a must read for everyone.

I want to sincerely thank Neil Haddon who, soon after publication of my book on the Internet, spontaneously responded and introduced my book on Wilcock’s Yahoo forum. In addition he’s offered his help to correct and edit my book. Thanks Neil you’ve become a real friend and we still regularly share many e-mails. I recommend everybody to his website after you’ve read my book and feel the desire to get more grips on your own life. Neil has also written a book called ‘It’s up to you’ expressing our urgent need to make changes.

Thanks to Jan Smith from Zoetermeer the Netherlands for his spontaneous offer to edit the Dutch version of my book. You were not only a good editor but also a critical reader, one who’s familiar with the topics of this book. Your spontaneity, fairness and critical approach were much appreciated. You’ve made a great contribution to this book.

My thanks also goes to Sol Millin who I met through my book and website. We shared lots of ideas on science and consciousness. Sol Millin is founder of Byron New Energy in Australia and is busy trying to engineer free energy from the vacuum and give it freely to humanity. So far BNE has been very successful and reproduced the cosmic water cell better know as the Joe Cell and is able to demonstrate a car running on this energy. It’s my privilege to be the webmaster of BNE’s website Love you Sol and I hope many will follow your altruistic example.

I would also like to express my thanks to John Kuhles of who’s allowed me interviews on his web radio programs and is promoting my book and website. I truly admire your guts John, you’re one who dares to stand out in public and speak out about the much ridiculed UFO phenomena, word wide suppression of free energy, forbidden archaeology and the true history of this planet, the established religious dogma’s and the ruling negative elite that are hiding so much from the public for their own benefits.

Thanks also to Frank Bonte of the Dutch free-energy group: for supporting my book and your enthusiasm. Like Sol Millin you too are altruistically looking for free energy and I’m sure your positive intent and love will lead you to your goal.

My gratitude also goes out to my friend professor Dr. Sergey Smelyakov for teaching me about the Great Celestial Conjunction and the Auric Time Scale Theory concerning 2012. We share a mutual interest in these subjects and you allowed me to co-author a few articles with you on these subjects, I feel privileged and honoured. Both your theories are discussed in this book.

My gratitude also goes out to Mladen Kvaternik for his spontaneous translation of my book into the Croatian language. I hope your good work will reach many readers in your country!

I want to thank my wife Christine for her unabated support while writing this book and her diligence and dedication to our family. Thanks for having so much patience with me and my book. Also I thank my father, talking to you about our favourite subjects included in this book has always been very inspirational. We’ve shared many books, ideas and thoughts and will continue to do so.
I would also like to mention my colleagues Harold and Wil who have been very enthusiastic about my book and have given me lots of confidence. Wil, I want to thank you for introducing me to ‘Religie en Mystiek’ and allowing me to write an article for the magazine.

This book was published on the Internet on the 15th of January 2005 as a free e-book because I felt compelled to share the information contained within this book with as many people as possible. It has brought me in contact with many interesting and lovable people of many walks of life and their gratitude and the inspiration they got from my book is my personal reward. Let me express my gratitude to you for reading my book and I hope it has inspired you to read more, for there are so many good and inspirational writers in this special time.



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