Three hundred years ago, French philosopher René Descartes (1596-1650) took the liberty to divide our world into two domains, a material domain and a spiritual domain. The spiritual domain became the subject of religion and the material domain was allotted to science. It was the start of an independent journey of a scientific community of scholars freeing themselves from the hitherto dogmatically established scientific facts dictated by Christianity with the Bible in their hands as the only source of holy truth.
Now after three hundred years since Descartes introduced the segregation of science and religion, science seems to come full circle; in a small but growing scientific community science has entered the domain of spirituality! The bridge between science and spirituality has already been crossed!

When quantum physics in the 20th century could no longer rule out the possibility that human consciousness has a real effect on physical reality at the subatomic level, scientists started to discover things about our reality that seemed to corroborate the tenets held by esoteric teachings. Esoteric teachings have been kept alive in spiritual traditions such as the Vedic scriptures, the Jewish Kabbalah, and in secret Gnostic circles such as the Freemasonry, who counted many famous leaders and scholars in their midst.

The things you are about to read in this book are the discoveries made by many leading scholars in various fields of science, among them celebrated professors of famous universities. I have come to believe that the revolutionary scientific discoveries that were made in the last decades of the 20th century, of which only a fraction will be discussed in this book, will ultimately change our current scientific paradigms and along with it our societies.

Changes may not go fast, since science has become just as dogmatic as the religious roots it departed from! However in an ever-increasing speed of our evolution, social changes happen much faster than three hundred years ago in the time of Descartes. The Cartesian materialistic worldview, the blind belief that there is only a material cause for everything in the universe is the inheritance of science and has dominated our Western beliefs about our reality for hundreds of years. However I believe our current worldview will eventually be replaced by a new vision that is dawning in a small community of scientific pioneers.

This new scientific vision seems to come in a time that we desperately need new answers to the problems we’re facing. Humanity has come to a crossroad. If we continue to travel the road we’re on, we may not survive the end of the 21st century. We’re facing immense ecological problems and the climate changes that have become apparent seem already irreversible. There is upheaval in every corner of this globe and the trend seems to be that this violence gets more and more extreme as the years pass. World cultures have become divided, polarizations between clashing religions tend to radicalize groups within our societies. The threat of terrorism poses a real danger to the world’s stability. We are perfectly able to destroy ourselves if we do not take a different course. Globally the pressure is building to make some radical changes and head for a different course. But is there still hope for humanity?

At first sight the idea may seem preposterous given the situation sketched above, but spiritual sources believe that Gaia, Mother Earth is currently in the process of a transformation now she is moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius ending a 75,000-year evolutional cycle. All leading world religions have end-time prophecies and we’ve had many prophets proclaiming them, Jesus Christ, Mohamed, Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce to name a few. The transformation the Earth is supposed to undergo was given many names such as the ‘Second coming of Christ’, the coming of the ‘new Jerusalem’ and ‘Ascension’.

Our current time bears many of the hallmarks of these prophecies; could it be we are indeed in the midst of these transformational changes right now? Many New-Age researches believe that this is exactly the case. The transformation on Earth is supposedly to have started somewhere in the eighties of the previous age and should culminate around 2012.

When I first heard of such claims I dismissed them out of first hand, you will probably too if this book is the first one you read about the subject!

After reading and studying a lot of material that supports these claims, I’ve lost a lot of my scepticism and have come to believe that we live in a very special lifetime indeed. The topic itself vibrates with my core being. For as long as I can remember I have felt that things could be so much different in our world and it has finally brought me to write this book. It’s my little contribution to a better world by sharing this information with you in a world that needs it so badly in these troubled times. 

This book is not about ‘the end of the world’, the ‘Apocalypse’; on the contrary, it’s about the end of the old world that you and I know today and the birth of a brighter new one.

For the most part this book is based on sound scientific ‘proof’ that may corroborate the claims made above, it is not based on popular New Age metaphysical ideas. However I will introduce in the final chapter some ‘unorthodox’ sources such as the channelled work of ‘the Law of One’ that may not appeal to you. I included this source since for many it may be very convincing.

I invite you to use your intuition as well when you absorb the material discussed within this book. Many of the things you’re about to read in this book are not easily accepted by our materialistic brainwashed minds. In the Western civilized world we’ve come to rely only on scientific facts (left brain male logic), whereas in the East it is said to be true if it is personally experienced (right brain female intuition). I invite you to use both and find out what’s true for you!

I can perfectly imagine you’re very sceptical about the subject of this book and the things you’re about to read. Scepticism is a sound mechanism while evaluating new concepts. However I’d like to give you also the suggestion that scepticism may be used as a defence mechanism by the ego to protect us from being wrong. By being a sceptic we accept the world as it is, it is a safe haven, a status quo. If we don’t let in any new beliefs, we cannot be affected in our core existence and can go about our business as usual. Sceptics are often in good company since they join the masses. However scepticism may also be a hindrance that stops us from learning. It takes courage to allow yourself to ponder the new concepts in this book. In this respect this book is not an easy read and it will require an open mind.

The majority of the material in this book is inspired and based on the works of David Wilcock. We’ll come to discuss him as we progress with this book.

I think David Wilcock plays a vital role in the unfolding of a new scientific awareness, a global shift in consciousness, for he is much more than just another scientist, we’ll reveal that later! He has written three important books available for download on his His work is getting recognition in scientific circles.

This book will also focus into the prophecies of Edgar Cayce (1877  - 1945), the last great prophet who in the last century so accurately predicted the ‘World changes’ that I have come to believe are now unfolding.

I hope this book will bring some hope and light in this world that needs it so badly. Personally, I have come to believe that there’s a shining and bright future waiting ahead of us, but it takes our belief and faith to shape it!

I hope this book will fire a spark of wonder and curiosity in you such that you will go out and find the truth for yourself!



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