Chapter 1 Earth changes

Our dear mother Earth, Gaia is suffering under the stress of human endeavours that have become unbearable as the world population keeps growing at an unfathomable rate. The present world population counts 6 billion souls and will grow to 10 billion by 2030 and 20 billion by 2070 if the present growth rate is maintained.

Humanity alone consumes 40% of the net primary production of food and energy that the Earth has available for its entire species. In the last thirty years alone more than a third of the natural resources were destroyed due to human endeavour. Our rivers are polluted and our oceans are dying.

Gaia is no longer able to cope with the beatings she’s had and we are going to experience the results rather sooner than later, it’s only a matter of time.

We no longer have to believe scientists who claim that ‘global warming’ cannot be proven and that Earth is doing well. Everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear should have noticed by now that our climate is changing. By the end of this century the poles will have melted away, our oceans will be polluted to the core, the rainforests the lungs of the Earth will have gone and two thirds of all animal species on Earth will be extinct!
Even in this alarming state, most of us seem more bothered about our annual compensation for inflation and the results of our favourite soccer club in the champion’s league than about the acid rain that’s falling on our roofs. If we have a glance in the newspapers every day, we may get the impression the world is getting more violent by the day. The Middle East is in a state of turmoil, and the threat of terrorism after 911 has become so imminent that it affects the lives of millions already. The polarization and intolerance between world cultures and religions is rapidly increasing.   

Many are also experiencing dramatic changes in their personal lives. Intimate relations and marriages seem to break up more easily and frequently than ever before in the past. Our good old nine to five jobs that seemed to guarantee us an easy passage to retirement are gone and job rotation has become the buzzword! Burnouts among managers are commonplace and we see many drop outs in this rat race.

Our Western economies that were so very stable for decades seem very imbalanced these days and employment in the West on a large scale is lost in favour of the developing countries that are waiting for their economic boosts! Economic developments seem to take place in an ever-increasing speed; the time to market for new products has become unbelievably short. In many cases the product is already outdated before its introduction on the market. And then there are these billion dollar state deficits of our world economies that have become so heavy that they may collapse under their own weight.

Even our political structures, the established parties that once were the cornerstones and glues of our society have become unpredictable. New parties with radical political ideas arise out of the blue and take on loads of followers in their wake, much to the horror and surprise of the establishment.

On a large scale corruption and money laundry scandals seem to surface in which prestigious multinational companies are involved.

Our world is changing, and it is changing fast, it even feels as if time itself is going faster doesn’t it? What is going on in our world today and what is it leading to?



The world has known many prophets and many of them predicted destruction and despair at the new millennium which seems such a magical time for the world to end. This has not only been prophesised for the end of the second millennium but it was prophesised for the first millennium as well and as we all stand to testify, this catastrophe did not come to pass.

Then there are other seers such as Nostradamus (1503- 1566), who prophesised that mankind by the year 2000 would either suffer an apocalyptic holocaust or would see unprecedented change and the birth of a new global consciousness.

Madame Blavatsky (1831-1891), mystic and founder of the Theosophical Society predicted that at the closing of a 5200-year period, the present Kali Yuga or Dark Age would be succeeded by an age of light.

So there is still hope!

The most prominent seer of the last century undoubtedly is Edgar Cayce (1877- 1945). He is the best-documented clairvoyant ever. Edgar Cayce, known as the sleeping prophet has performed 14.306 ‘readings’ while asleep in an altered state of consciousness all of which were documented. Edgar Cayce became very famous for his medical ‘readings’, since he could with an almost hundred percent accuracy diagnose the ailment of his patients. In most cases he would even mention the name and address of the physician to consult! All of this while in a state of trance knowing only the name of the patient whom he never met! In the latter days of his ‘career’ he began to pass on information about past civilizations such as about the Egyptian and Atlantean culture and also foretold events of the future of this planet that became known as the ‘Earth changes’. Edgar Cayce himself founded the ‘Association for Research and Enlightenment’ (A.R.E.) to preserve his own legacy. This organization still exists today and is very active. Edgar Cayce has been studied at length, more than three hundred books were dedicated to this mystical man alone.

Today Edgar Cayce still puzzles many people because already a great number of his predictions were proven right and a lot of scholars mostly archaeologists and Egyptologists have learned to take his information very seriously and use it as a beacon in their scientific endeavours.

Cayce suggested that the years between 1958 and 1998 would be a time of great changes, a global transformation. These changes would not mean the end of the world but would herald a New Age and a spiritual transformation. The Earth itself would pass through tremendous changes in the form of massive earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes, intensified solar activity, dramatic changes in weather patterns, submergence of land masses, culminating in the shifting of the poles. Now these prophecies are not a very promising perspective; however as we will show in this book dramatic climate changes are indeed occurring and an upsurge of natural catastrophes is sweeping the Earth even as this book is written. Fortunately, one of the strongest arguments that Cayce used often was that the future is not predetermined and that much depends on humanity’s own intention to shape its own future. In this respect he left room open for other outcomes of his own predictions.

The sleeping prophet also glimpsed into the past of human history and gave detailed information about ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian. Hundreds of his readings discussed the lost continent of Atlantis that submerged in the Atlantic Ocean 10,500 years B.C. during a global cataclysm, a flooding caused by the shifting of the Earth’s poles. He described the Atlantean civilization as the most advanced civilization of human history. Cayce also mentions the Hall of Records, a library of Atlantean knowledge that was saved after the inundation by survivors of the sinking Atlantis in two places on Earth, one of them should reside between the left paw of the Sphinx and the Nile at the Giza plateau and the other place is Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula of the Mayas. According to Cayce the Great Pyramid (pyramid of Cheops or Khufu) at the Giza plateau in Egypt, was built 10.500 BC by Toth the Atlantean also known as Hermes Trismegistus by the Greek and the high priest Ra-Ta both survivors of Atlantis. They built the Great Pyramid in order to preserve the Atlantean culture. Edgar Cayce explained that he himself is the reincarnation of Ra-Ta, the high priest who joined in the construction of the Great Pyramid.

According to Cayce most of modern-day science and technology is simply a rediscovery of technologies that once belonged to the Atlantean culture. And as we will demonstrate in this book, indeed an ancient knowledge is resurfacing again shedding a whole new light on science and is helping to shape a new aether science. Bits and pieces of the Atlantean knowledge have been secretly preserved in secret societies such as the Freemasonry. A lot of the original knowledge however was lost, but the fundamentals of this new science has been preserved in an old art of science known as ‘sacred geometry’ that now has been reconstructed. 

Leonardo Da Vinci was a member of such a secret society who throughout modern history preserved the art of sacred geometry in his art forms. The Roman Catholic Church forbad this pagan knowledge since the Holy Scriptures of the Bible were the only ones that were required and allowed.

The subject of Leonardo Da Vinci’s secret society membership has received worldwide attention since Dan Brown wrote a book about it called the ‘Da Vinci Code’. Although the book is mostly about the supposed marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their offspring, it also hints at the fact that Leonardo Da Vinci stressed the importance of the Golden Mean, Phi. In this book we will show you that scientists have been using sacred geometry, the geometry of Phi, to create a whole new physics based on the importance of the Golden Mean, Phi! The ‘Holy Grail’ that is being discussed in the ‘Da Vinci Code’ I believe is neither about a physical object, the cup used at the last supper of Jesus nor his royal blood line (‘sang real’) but in fact is about the preservation of sacred geometry and the significance of the Golden Mean that humanity is now rediscovering!

Last but not least, one of the most amazing prophecies that is gaining interest worldwide, as the prophecies seem to unfold as this book is being written, are the Mayan end-time prophecies for 2012.

The Mayan culture was a Native American Indian culture that flourished from 300 AD to 900 AD in South America. For reasons still unknown to scholars, the classical Maya culture abruptly ended when they abandoned their cities and temple complexes around 900 AD. Nowadays descendents of the Mayas are still living in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras and they still carry with them the prophecies of their ancestors. The Mayas were excellent sky watchers and had a profound understanding of astronomy. They were obsessed with time cycles and had developed several extremely accurate calendar systems based on celestial cycles.

One of them is the 260 kin (days) Tzolkin calendar, another the 365 kin (days) Haab calendar. The Haab synchronises with the cycles of Venus and the Tzolkin synchronises with the mystifying Mayan Long Count calendar. The Long Count calendar was used for long periods of time and consists of 13 Baktun sub-cycles. A Baktun consists of 20 sub-cycles called Katuns. Each Katun consists of 20 tuns and finally the tun consists of 360 kins (days). So a complete Baktun lasts 20 x 20 x 360 = 144.000 kins, a very sacred number from antiquity and mentioned multiple times in the Bible. Some scholars believe that the significance of the 13:20 ratio embedded in the Long Count Calendar is hinting at the Golden Mean ratio of sacred geometry; however a 13:21 ratio would represent a true Fibonacci ratio that converges to the Golden Mean.  

The total duration of the Long Count Calendar is 5200 years. According to Mayan scholars, the Long Count calendar started on August 11th 3114 BC and will end on the 21st December 2012. The Maya believed that the world had gone though many epochs in the past which they called Suns. The end of the Long Count calendar would be the end of the fourth Sun and the birth of the fifth Sun, signifying the end of the old world as we know it and the beginning of a new one. So the Mayan end-time prophecies are really about a new beginning, a rebirth of the Earth.

The Mayan prophecies seem to be in accord with Edgar Cayce’s predictions, since the Mayas too predict that this new beginning would be preceded by serious upheavals in the world and great challenges for mankind. These challenges would shift humanity’s consciousness on a global scale.

The origins of the Mayan prophecies can be traced back to the Mayan book of creation, the Popul Vuh. Their greatest prophet was Lord Pacal. The Mayan prophecies were kept secret for ages and decoding of the only four Mayan codices that survived the Spanish Inquisition started in the 1960’s and indeed the breakthrough in cracking the code was made as late as the eighties. Meantime, the Mayan shamans passed on the prophecies orally from one generation to the next with profound secrecy. Their policy to keep the prophecies secret changed when the Mayas recognised the first signs of the Earth changes that their prophecies had predicted. They knew it was the time for the world at large to learn about them.

In 1997, a Dutch filmmaker was allowed to film the gathering of Native American Indian tribes from all over the continent of America at a sacred ceremony held in the dark forests of Guatemala. The ceremony was held to heal the Earth and the Indians no longer attempted to conceal their prophecies and allowed Dutch documentary filmmaker Wiek Lenssen to film the event. His film ‘The Year Zero’ unfortunately didn’t get the international attention it deserved.


Crop circles

Among all above-mentioned Earth changes taking place in our time of human history an almost neglected strange and ridiculed phenomenon is happening; the appearance of crop circles all around the globe in the last two decades. To date some ten thousand crop circles have been reported and catalogued. Many claim them to be hoaxes and indeed many of them probably are as the infamous couple Doug & Dave misled the world in 1991 flattening the crops with their wooden planks.

However the abundance of crop circles appearing all over the world cannot possibly be the joke of a few hoaxers alone. Crop circles have been thoroughly investigated and the real circles show no signs of crop damage only light burns at the stem as if bent by some unknown energetic force. Studies have revealed changes in the electromagnetic field surrounding the crop circles. Whoever or whatever made these crop circles is irrelevant to the importance of the message these crop circles are conveying. Crop circles are demonstrating to us the principles of sacred geometry!

The elegant and often fractal shapes of crop circles contain sometimes obvious sometimes hidden geometry. Crop circles are portraying the knowledge that was partly preserved in ancient traditions that can still be found today in the Buddhist and Hindu Mandala, the architecture of churches and cathedrals and many art forms such as in the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci.



Our last century has been a busy one and especially in the last two decades many changes occurred that seems to create disharmony and instability on social levels and in politics. It also has become obvious that our climate is changing and there is mass starvation of species many of them becoming extinct. Edgar Cayce predicted in the thirties of the previous century many of the events that are now unfolding. He also predicted that science eventually would restore the scientific knowledge of the legendary lost continent of Atlantis.

Now something definitely is going on on this planet and surprisingly Edgar Cayce has forecast these events that came to be known as the prophecies of the ‘Earth changes’. The same message is brought to us from antiquity by the Mayan prophecies concealed within the Mayan codices and the Mayas alive today are confirming the sacred message of their ancestors.

Along with all of these Earth changes, as predicted by Cayce also a new scientific awareness is being born. Its birthing took place in a small circle of scientists mostly outside the ring of mainstream science. This circle of scholars is expanding rapidly; among them are professors of famous universities in the fields of physics, biology, and neurophysiology. These scientists paint a whole new scientific vision that is breathtaking to say the least, however there is little public awareness of this new emerging vision since our newspapers and the late evening news hardly cover them. Of all the scientists that ever populated this Earth, 99 percent of them now walk the face of the Earth, no wonder there are breakthroughs!

The new vision reveals a wondrous universe in which human consciousness plays a far more important role than ever fathomed. It also reveals that our civilization may not be the pinnacle of evolution after all, it is becoming more and more clear that other great and highly advanced civilizations must have preceded our current civilization. Atlantis is rising as Edgar Cayce predicted!
Could all of these developments be pre-cursors of a burgeoning scientific revolution eventually leading to a spiritual transformation that has been predicted in the past? In the new scientific vision, science and spirituality are converging!

Our knowledge seems to be speeding up so fast, that if we don’t change the school system, we will be teaching our kids history only in school! Probably sometime in the future, the history books will mark the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century as the epoch of a scientific renaissance. So let’s proceed and see what it is that science has to say.


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